Korea talks on a phone recovered after the North missile test

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea restored its South Korean counterparts in a small, fragile process of reconciliation on Monday in what appears to be a tough victory without the approval of a mix of missile tests and missile tests.

It is unclear how the move will improve relations between Korea, as Pyongyang has a history of using mobile phones as a bargaining chip in Seoul. It used to unilaterally stop in front of them to revive them if it wanted a better relationship with Seoul.

North Korean diplomatic missions answered a call from their South Korean counterparts on how to cross the border with the government and army on Monday morning for the first time in about two months.

“For a long time there was no speech. We are very happy that the communication channels have been restored like this. We hope that South-North relations will grow to a new level, ”said a Seoul official during a telephone conversation with his North Korean counterpart over a channel, according to a video released by South Korea’s Unification Ministry.

Alternatively, the Koreans exchanged information about fishing incidents as well as their western frontier conflict – where Korean wars erupted years ago – to prevent such violence, the Seoul Ministry of Defense said. The ministry statement says Seoul hopes free reinstatement will help stabilize unrest in the region.

These telephones and fax stations are used by Koreans to set up meetings, plan crossings and prevent accidental altercation. They have been heavily deported for more than a year as northerners cut them off in protest of South Korea’s commercial media. Negotiations were briefly renewed for about two weeks this summer, but North Korea refused to exchange messages again after Seoul conducted a year-long military draw with Washington which Pyongyang sees as an attempt to invade.

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed his desire to restart dialogue, saying he wanted to fulfill the Korean people’s aspirations for peace in the Peninsula. Kim’s sister-in-law, Kim Yo Jong, initially said North Korea is open for first talks as well as steps to unite once the situation is met.

Some experts question the credibility of the North Korean excess because it came when North Korea developed a missile test after six months. Kim Yo Jong also said South Korea should abandon the “double standards” and “angry views” if it really wants a stable relationship, a position most emphasized by his brother.

Experts say North Korea is trying to exploit South Korea’s desire to improve relations by forcing it to enable the United States not to impose economic sanctions on the North. Others say North Korea wants South Korea to refrain from criticizing its compliance measures, which are prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions, in part in its efforts to gain international recognition as a nuclear weapon.

“The South Korean authorities must make every effort to put North-South sanctions in place and to prioritize the priorities that need to be put in place to open up a brighter future, considering the implications of the resumption of dialogue,” the Korean Central News Agency said in a statement.

It is unclear whether the northern one will get what it wants from the pressures. Kim Jong Un has said he will not return to talks with the United States unless he leaves “cruel law” in the north, which seems to imply sanctions. The United States, for its part, has issued a statement “anywhere and anytime” without any sanctions, a statement Kim made last week as a “deceptive” US attempt to hide its hatred of North Korea.

The nuclear department between Pyongyang and Washington collapsed in early 2019 due to disputes over exchange sanctions exemptions and measures of denuclearization. Despite the presence of current arms test members, North Korea still maintains a 2018 commitment to testing long-range US missiles, a sign that it does not want to jeopardize future prospects with the US.


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