Kamala Harris is a video game that expands children’s science

Kamala Harris is being reprimanded for his performance this week on YouTube’s special marketing campaign for children instead of the glory of science and the wonders of the roof.

“I just need advice on what to look for in the unknown,” Harris jumped at the chance of the first five-year-old in “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” a video made to celebrate World Space Week that began on Thursday.

But Harris, who was summoned to chair the National Space Council in May, struggled to explain the importance of space exploration.

“There are some things we don’t know or find,” he told the children when they visited him in the U.S. Naval Observatory, where the vice president is staying.

“Thinking about so much there is that we still have to learn, like, I love that,” he said angrily.

The video garnered over more than 50,000 viewers in its first two days of release.

And he murmured with an eye-opener about what his visitors would see through the high-tech telescope of the Naval Observatory.

“You guys will see it, you’ll really see the crescent moon with your eyes!” he liked it, pointing to his peers to reinforce it – even though its karate was visible to the naked eye.

Kamala Harris
Video made to celebrate World Space Week.

The video garnered over 50,000 views on its first two days of release – but it was ridiculed on social media by critics who showed it an exaggeration of its facial expressions and infant expressions.

“It comes as a caravan from a film in which a fun and secret teacher who secretly murders collects the heads of the children he takes with him to Space Camp,” he said. thought Joanne Mason on Twitter.

“He’s not allowed to talk to adults anymore,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) he said bitterly.

Deputy President Kamala Harris location
Kamala ran on how young children would be able to see the corpses on the moon with a telescope – even though its cards were visible to the naked eye.

The National Space Council has not yet met during the time of the vice president.


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