Jim Jordan: Yellen is aiming for motherhood, but there is no account of the account between Hunter and Joe Biden

In the wake of a new Hunter Biden case of a 58-year-old businessman-turned-producer who shared a bank account with his father, former vice president Jim Jim, R-Ohio, questioned why Secretary Treasure Janet Yellen was criticizing the IRS ‘check-in program. a large $ 600-if-so-raised average of American averages but ignores such reports.

“Fox News Primetime.”

The statement said the emails show the two had paid each other’s debts, benefited from a Senate paper donation to the University of Delaware and that one of Rosemont Seneca’s Hunter staff, Eric Schwerin, worked on Biden’s chief tax.


Hunter Biden also lamented that “half” of his salary went to “Pop” – as confirmed in a note allegedly between Hunter and his 27-year-old daughter Naomi.

“I hope all of you can do what I did and pay for the whole family for 30 years. It’s very difficult. But don’t worry, unlike Pop, I can’t make you give me half of your money,” he said.

Watters slammed Yellen’s clip defending her support for the IRS law, saying Americans have already installed W-2s that access their financial data to the IRS, while “high-income” people have an “opaque financial sauce” not mentioned.

Watters asked Jordan if he believed the Bidens reported everything they did to the IRS, citing the payment of bills in the Mail report.

“I’m not sure about that. But if I could understand it, don’t you think the feeds could?” He asked.

Jordan responded that Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars by Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese sauces, and wondered if those funds were part of a joint account with Joe Biden.

“Ten percent of that Big Guy – from the now-famous email,” he added. “Perhaps the IRS could have gotten that unless they were not too busy looking at what my Mom spent last week in her bank account – that’s how she sleeps.”

Jordan continued, “This is a horrible part. This is where it needs to go to the left.”

The Republican MP described Democrats who were left stranded in many ways seeking to liberate American freedom and self-determination, highlighting Dr Anthony Fauci’s ban on CONVID-19 as “giving your freedom a great deal of good” while observing the Department of Justice. will now seek to evaluate parents at school board meetings.

“And the IRS has now said that for all the sale of $ 600 or more, we want to know about it. It’s a terrible place where the left is trying to take us, and then Biden’s involvement in this …”

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Jordan added that the White House is continuing to reject a review of the $ 75,000 Hunter Biden paintings being sold by the Manhattan-based Georges Berges gallery in recent days.

“She sold… five of them – will they look at that? Or will they be busy trying to find out what my mother-in-law used in her account? I mean, this is crazy. But this is the way to the left. so much where they want to take the country. “

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