Jeffrey Clark, head of the Trump DOJ, was sent by House January 6 election committee

Trump-era of the Legal Department, Mr Jeffrey Clark, was arraigned before the January 6 election committee.

“We need to understand Mr. Clark’s role in this effort in the Justice Department and learn who was involved in all the administration,” he said. said Rep. Bennie Thompson, Mississippi Democrat and one of the chairpersons of the elected committee.

The comments come after Democrats and Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week issued conflicting reports on allegations of accusations against former President Donald Trump, forcing the DOJ to investigate allegations of electoral fraud.


Democrats on the committee say Mr. Trump intended to follow Clark’s plan to send letters to state states asking them to nominate candidates and dismiss former Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

“This statement shows the American people how far we have come from the constitution,” Dick Durbin, chairman of the Illinois Democrat, said in a statement.

But the GOP statement denies that Mr. Trump “did not force” the DOJ to review any allegations, citing some interviews with DoJ and Rosen officials.

The GOP statement also rekindled Trump’s interest in Clark’s plan, arguing that the January 3 White House meeting was held “only legally and ultimately to resolve issues, which were twofold: even sending Clark’s letter and even removing” Rosen as attorney general and replacing him with Clark. “

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Republicans said Trump “listened to all seven people” in the conference but noted that “it resulted in President Trump refusing to send Clark’s letter and refusing to end Rosen.”

The news also comes as a warning to Biden’s White House he told the keeper of the National Archives to present Trump’s term documents to the elected committee, noting that “the President again instructs you to provide those pages 30 days after your notice to the former President, in the absence of any intervening court rules.”

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