Jason Schaefer identified as a postal worker who was shot and killed in Longmont – CBS Denver

LONGMONT, Colorado (CBS4)– Jason Schaefer has been identified as a USPS postal worker who was shot dead in Longmont on Wednesday. The victim’s 26-year-old ex-girlfriend, Devan Schreiner from Fort Collins, was arrested by police for first degree murder.

Jason Schäfer (Credit: USPS)

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On Thursday, the United States Postal Service of Colorado held a procession in his honor with 47 Postbuses, one at a time, traveling on the same route that Schaefer took on Wednesday morning.

Throughout Thursday, several neighbors in the Somerset Meadows community dropped flowers and posters near the location where Schaefer was murdered.
Neighbors told CBS4 that things like this don’t happen in the area.

“You wouldn’t expect your postman to be hurt or harmed,” said Mia Vanleeuwen, a neighbor who has dropped off flowers. “This is a pretty beautiful area I would say, so it’s just strange that it was right there … even in broad daylight.”

(Credit: USPS)

Schäfer may have been someone they didn’t know by name, but neighbors knew his smile. Tom Lawson, the president of the HOA, says Schaefer was so kind that sometimes he went out of his way to help his residents.

“He came here at 12 noon, 1 p.m., he would be here for 20 minutes to start all these boxes of mail. He’s always been friendly, ”Lawson said. “He hand delivered mail to some houses because they were unable to get to the mailbox, so we are very devastated.”

On Thursday, detectives went to Longmont neighborhood to gather additional evidence.

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“He was just a young guy who seemed to be leading a pretty normal life,” said Natalie Fontenot, another neighbor.

Somerset Meadows Township hopes Schaefer’s friendliness extends beyond this neighborhood.

“It’s just such an unfortunate situation and a fate that succumbed,” said Fontenot. “Just I guess be compassionate because you don’t know what people are going through.”

A Longmont city spokesman told CBS4 that they are working with the Schaefer family and the Post to erect a memorial. They say cards are valued and they can be mailed to the Longmont post office.

Police believe Schreiner spoke to Schaefer when he was in a group of mailboxes on Heatherhill Street on Renaissance Drive, shot him multiple times and then ran away. Schäfer died on the scene.

The FBI and the United States Postal Service assisted Longmont Police in finding the suspect, which ended overnight. Schreiner remains on remand in Boulder County Jail.

(Credit: CBS)

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Schreiner was due to appear in court on Thursday afternoon, but the hearing was vacated. She is now not supposed to appear before Tuesday in Boulder County Court. She doesn’t seem to have a criminal record.


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