January 6 the committee joined forces to prosecute those who opposed the summons

While the judiciary has made it clear that the committee is ready to prosecute the plaintiffs for negligence, members have made it clear that referrals to the Legal Department will soon come if they do not have the opportunity to work for their own investigation.

The move would leave it to Attorney General Merrick Garland to consider joining the DOJ in prosecuting, placing the department among what many Republicans see as co-operation.

“I think we all have the same idea that if people refuse to answer questions, refuse to issue documents without the fact that we will arrest them in contempt and take them to the Department of Justice,” Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and committee member, told CNN Tuesday.

Attorney Liz Cheney, one of the two Republicans on the group, expressed the sentiments, telling CNN “the committee is in full swing” on the decision to move quickly to prosecute defamation charges against those who avoid dates of suspension.

“People will have the opportunity to work together, they will have the opportunity to come in and work with us as they should,” Cheney said. “If they fail to do so, we will complete our summons.”

The plans of the committee may change based on the information received by parliament from those who choose to work together but for now, members seem to be sitting in the way forward.

Time to committee chairs

Although the judiciary serving on the committee is united in denouncing crime the next step for anyone who violates their summons, specifically when the next step is taken to be the same person: Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the panel.

Kash Patel and Steve Bannon are scheduled for installation on October 14 and Mark Meadows and Dan Scavino are scheduled for installation the next day. While the committee shared that Patel and Meadows are working with them, they were only able to work for Scavino and Bannon at the moment were not working. So the question becomes how soon after October 15 the committee will work on those people who do not care about their creation date.

“I am going to return the election to the chairman,” Schiff said on Tuesday when asked if the committee would wait until Thursday and Friday’s deadlines to pass before taking the next step for those who choose not to comply.

Democratic Representative. Stephanie Murphy told CNN that the committee would go ahead with the defamation suit “as soon as we are legally ready to take this step” when asked what would happen if the committee did not hear from people scheduled for this weekend.

Biden refuses to comment on Trump's papers filed by the January 6 committee

Raskin predicted, “I would expect the Chairman to consider rising and filing a lawsuit” when Friday came and people did not appear before the committee.

“We need to make this process work. Obviously we would like to refer it to the Department of Justice so that they can work with their intelligence to decide what to do but we see it as an important and urgent step towards national security.” , with public loyalty, “he added.

Until those last days are over, committee members are working to prepare. A source familiar with the committee’s plan told CNN that the committee met Tuesday night before a special week.

Thompson declined to comment on the possibility of contempt of court, the spokesman said.

Will Meadows and Patel show where they put it?

Cheney said the committee is ready to save Meadows and Patel’s money, two former members of the committee are closely associated with them but it remains to be seen if they will do so.

“We’ll see if they come. If they show up, we’ll be ready,” Cheney said.

The January 6 committee unveils the first round of evidence for Trump's loyal supporters

On the issue of Meadows and Patel appearing before the committee for their submissions later this week, Murphy said, “My hope is that they will support the country and stand before the committee, and if they have nothing to hide, there is no reason why they should not come.”

Murphy told reporters that the final placement this week is being planned as a personal and real mix.

When asked if he thought all members of the committee would be in the room together to invest, Raskin said, “I don’t know if we got there,” but said it could happen if good Covid agreements were put in place. .

“But of course the deals I’ve been involved with in the past were like that,” added Raskin. “I mean that’s what it was at the time of the first trial.”

Rally organizers are already together

In addition to the first session of the committee set up this week, 11 people who joined in the meetings held on January 6 before the US Capitol attack also had time to file documents on Wednesday. CNN has learned that as many as five of those 11 people have already started distributing content online.

Two rally organizers said they had recently joined the committee in a public forum and how the rest of the group would respond was not immediately clear.

Contemplating the opposition, Raskin exposed the threat on Tuesday.

January 6 committee targets the organizers of the Stop the Steal rally in the current batch of subpoenas

“The organizers of the January 6 feeder rallies have one day left to follow House subpoenas and provide the necessary records,” Raskin said. “Those who disregard Congress’s law on violence prevention will face prosecution – preferably.”

This follows a warning that Bannon could also face criminal charges after telling the committee he does not want to comply with the committee’s order.

After the incidents, the committee debated how quickly it could move on to any legal threat and which option to impose summonses would be most effective.

January 6 committee unveils two new leaders & # 39;  Stop Because & # 39;  but

Schiff, who along with Raskin has come up with the idea of ​​using contempt for the enforcement of summonses in recent days, said Tuesday that it is the high resolution committee’s decision to impose summonses if other witnesses do not.

While Schiff told CNN that the committee is not running the election, he made it clear that filing civil lawsuits could not work because President Trump and his colleagues have used the courts as a way to delay.

“We are not closing down any election but we have seen in the case of Don McGahn and others, how witnesses, if he was former president he could imprison Congress for years. It took years to challenge his candidacy.

Schiff also made it clear that the committee is committed to moving quickly because they believe there is too much.

“I mean, the President, the former President, the former President of the United States, is still out there forcing big lies. These same lies have led people to attack this building and beat the police and endanger our lives. So yes, we feel the sense of urgency.”

The January 6 committee interviewed former Trump chief DOJ Richard Donoghue

Also among those who supported the aggressive approach and prosecuting prosecutors for those who opposed the subpoenas were two committee Republicans, Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who is involved in the investigation, has serious political risks given Trump’s power over the future of the Republican party.

Arresting witnesses to defamation in a criminal case could lead to the Justice Department agreeing to prosecute these people in a federal court – a case that Attorney General Merrick Garland has not publicly debated to date or indicated whether he will support it.

“Our hope is that the Legal Department understands the importance and urgency of the case,” Raskin told reporters Tuesday, referring to all charges brought by the House.

CONCLUSION: The first edition of this article missed the last name of the former White House order Don McGahn. It has been revised to clarify the statement from Representative Adam Schiff.


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