James Caan – Small Business

“Stay calm, stay focused, work with the people around you, share the burden, find the solution. Give yourself a chance, not a coronary ‘

Of all the names Pakistani-born Nazim Khan could have chosen to rename himself, one has to wonder why he chose James Caan. Probably because Khan / Caan sound the same. But that was before Google, and when you search for James Caan, you have to wade your way through pages of posts about the tough guys from Hollywood.

Not that this James Caan’s childhood was easy. Brought to England at the age of two, he left home at 16, causing a split with his father who owns a textile company.

Instead, James Caan got a job with a recruitment agency. The job paid only £ 30 a week to contact companies to see if they had any vacancies, advertise that position and try to recruit for it. The more people he placed, the more Caan earned. After working for someone else for four years, James decided to start his own recruitment agency, Alexander Mann.

He secretly decided to open a tiny office on Pall Mall in London’s elegant St. He was right. The agency’s prestigious location set the tone for a company he would sell for £ 95 million in 2002.

Two years later, James Caan founded Hamilton Bradshaw, which invests seed and growth capital in recruitment companies, based in Mayfair.

However, in 2007 he became known as one of the fire-breathing dragons on television The dragon’s den. He stayed on the show for three years but stopped focusing on his portfolio of interests.

In 2015, James Caan was named a CBE through his James Caan Foundation for his entrepreneurship and charitable contributions.

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