Interview with Kelan Raph from Optimum Supply Chain – Small Business Show 213

When you’re selling products, logistics is a crucial part of the equation, and logistics intelligence can make the difference between making a profit or losing money on a product. Should you be handling your own shipments, using Amazon’s fulfillment services or perhaps a third-party fulfillment company to ship your orders? We’ll discuss these options and more on today’s show.

Come to us today to discuss these topics, Kelan Raph |, Logistics expert and president of Optimal supply chain

Listen as your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton discuss and get to know the challenges of getting your products to your customers on time and reducing your costs and errors to a minimum. You will learn about the latest Amazon FBA changes that have surprised some sellers and how you can minimize your reliance on FBA by using a third-party logistics company to handle your product fulfillment.

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