Interview with Gilbert Gautereaux from – Small Business Show 210

We often say that traveling is one of the great things about running a small business. The ability to expand your world through travel is surely a huge part of the small business owner’s charmed life.

Today we have the opportunity to speak to someone on the other side of that equation who runs travel and lifestyle businesses. Gilbert Gauteraux has founded, built, and managed multiple travel and lifestyle companies including and his latest project,

Gilbert has some significant corporate experience, starting and running his own small businesses so we have the opportunity to dig deeply into the pros and cons of each type of experience to start the show.

Listen and you will hear how HotelVillasDirect leverages content creation to add value to their customers (both B2B and consumers) while driving leads to their website. You will also learn how the online travel market works, what layers of information are required to close a sale, and why it is important for a hotel to have direct control over customer service.

Gilbert also spends time talking about making the best use of the customer relationship and the challenges, educating investors and partners about what their business model really is and how the market works.

Join us today for this episode of the Small Business Show with your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton. There are some great lessons learned from this episode that will help any small business owner.

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