Insults fly and Hamburger insists that the sinking Millennium Tower is “stable and safe”

I enjoy the sideline drama in San Francisco’s not-so-slow moving train wreck. It seems like an independent geotechnician made some funny comments on SF Gate and basically blew up Ron Hamburger for incompetence.

SF gate:

Geotechnician Robert Pyke told the point of sale this week that work should have stopped months earlier. “Of course, at the end of June it was clear that the laying of the pipes and piles would result in additional subsidence,” says Pyke.

“Any responsible engineer should have stopped,” he added, saying that continuing construction for two more months had done more damage in his opinion.

Pyke’s criticism was directed at chief engineer Ronald Hamburger, who e-mailed SFGATE on Thursday denied, stating that he was concerned about the heightened deal in early June. Hamburger wrote, however, that he believed “additional billing from completing the piping would not be a problem”.

Since he won’t prove himself wrong until the thing falls down, Ronald Hamberger gave an incredible, head-turning opinion on the entire tower: It’s okay, all of this work is basically marketing to increase property value and appease the HOA.

Hamburger told SFGATE on Thursday that it claims the building is stable and secure, and that the current work is not even necessary from a technical point of view.

“The HOA has always made it clear that the voluntary upgrade was not necessary, but is interested in restoring the building’s reputation, which was mainly damaged by incorrect media reports,” said Hamburger.

This reputation can also affect the value of luxury high-rise condominiums. KPIX reported that this year 13 offers in the Tower either expired or were withdrawn from the market.

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