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The financial secrets of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world are revealed following a major drop on the coast. Pandora’s papers include 35 existing and former national leaders and more than 300 civil servants.

The Guardian’s Paul Lewis he says Michael Safi how the program worked and the months of operation his research team put in the record. This is the last coastline to emerge following the global integration of the Panamanian paper and the Paradise papers.

Assistant business editor, Juliette Garside, describes how British states have in recent decades used their legal systems to attract companies and wealthy people to register with them as taxes.

Editor-in-Chief, Katharine Viner, tells Michael that there is a clear public interest in disclosing this research and revealing the secrets of prominent politicians at a time when many governments are raising taxes in support of the reform epidemic.

Pandora papers

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