Indianapolis police sergeant accused after a body video camera showed him beating a man with his hands tied around his head

The results of the internal investigation led the Marion County District Attorney to charge Sgt. Eric Huxley has legal misconduct and battery and moderate injuries related to the September 24 arrest of Jermaine Vaughn at the city’s Monument Circle, IMPD Lt. Shane Foley said at a news conference.

Huxley was suspended without pay, and IMPD Chief Randal Taylor urged Huxley to be suspended for his actions. The IMPD Internal Case study is ongoing.

“To the local citizen involved in this incident, my thoughts and prayers go to you,” Taylor said in a statement. “This partnership does not represent the IMPD and the work done by our officials every day to keep our community safe.”

Huxley claimed to have beaten Vaughn face to face, and meant to put his foot on Vaughn’s shoulder, according to an estimated CNN pledge affiliated with WTHR.

CNN reached out to district attorney Huxley and Vaughn for comment but has not heard from them.

The IMPD also contacted the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office about the incident, published the news of the IMPD.

It is indicated by a body camera

Huxley was one of three police responders who investigated the incident at Monument Circle on September 24. Taylor said he did not expect the other two officers to be charged, but they are on duty awaiting the completion of an internal investigation.

Taylor played a video of the arrest during Tuesday’s press conference. It showed Huxley turning into Vaughn, a Black man, with his head on his back and hands tied. Taylor said the video was “hard to see.”

The video begins with Vaughn handcuffed and searched. Vaughn is heard telling a police officer, “no one cares what you do anymore.” Vaughn and the arresting officer then got into an argument when the officer started pushing Vaughn back and told him to stop.

Shortly afterwards, Vaughn was lying on the ground, on his back, with a prisoner holding him. Huxley is seen head over to Vaughn’s head saying, “you’re done.”

Vaughn was arrested for misconduct, Foley said. Vaughn was then taken to prison, and was not treated after the incident, Taylor said.

The IMPD news release said the incident came to light through the use of internal-military intelligence systems, with Taylor learning about the incident Wednesday. Taylor then directed that an in-house investigation be conducted by the Star Investigation Unit.

Another compelling reason was given to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Friday, the release was cited.

“Openness is one of the things we’ve been fighting for,” said Taylor, explaining why the IMPD decided to release a video camera. “We did that because we want to build real relationships with the community we need to have.”

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The chief said the department first became aware of the incident because of an internal communication system called BlueTeam, where officials were involved in military-use incidents “explain why the force was used and why.”

“No racial profiling” was mentioned during the incident, Taylor said when asked if race played a role in the incident.

“I would be disgusted,” Taylor said. “I could have had an issue with it, but I understand, I understand what people will think.”


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