How To Improve Your Market Performance By 40 Percent

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Most of us have heard the famous adage: “Half of my advertising money is wasted, the problem is, I don’t know which one” (there is controversy about the author). Unfortunately, ten years later, many entrepreneurs, even those who are analysts, do not understand the value and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Whether you are a single-employee company or more, MMM is still an important part of any marketing strategy.

What is marketing mix modeling (MMM)?

Marketing (or media) marketing mix is ​​a statistical research methodology used to help quantify the impact of expenditure and foreign exchange materials on sales and revenue. Activities that do not normally reside in the marketing strategy, such as phone sales and advertising, can also be measured. Even those who find it difficult to measure actions such as persuasion and partner types can be part of the model. The comparisons will help determine how different expenditures are spent on different market segments, such as traffic or sales. For example, MMM can examine how increasing market spending on advertising magazines affects sales overall. Since a lot of external variability is part of the model, you can learn if the effects were caused by your efforts (ad spend) or other factors (competing problems or something like a global complete health problems). Mixed marketing models typically use two to three years ’worth of data on key factors in items such as seasonal and growth seasons.


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