How to find your brand’s story and share it with the world using GoDaddy Studio

Bringing your brand’s story to life can be one of the most fulfilling adventures you will ever go on. It usually starts with a storm of great ideas as you envision what your brand could become. You might ask yourself questions like:

  • How will it be out there in the world?
  • How might people feel when they meet her?

A lot of creative energy is flowing through you right now. So let’s take advantage of that, point it straight in the direction of your ambition and unleash it as a supersonic laser beam with Godaddy Studio.

The aim of the brand identity process is to establish three cornerstones:

  • The story of your brand
  • Your brand’s design toolkit
  • Your brand’s collection of templates

This gives you a huge head start in achieving your brand’s ambitions.

Let’s start by tackling the first cornerstone below.

Your story

Your biggest challenge will be to stand out in a very noisy and crowded market. It has always been difficult to do, but even more so in a post-COVID landscape. The pandemic sparked an explosion of small new businesses that have responded to our new reality – and the obstacle course has become much more complex.

But as we say at the GoDaddy Studio: It’s a playground, not an obstacle course.

It’s a brand equity that is literally printed and framed on our wall. In addition, design will be an important part of your small business as you continue to push for attention on social media.

With GoDaddy Studio’s branding tools, you can create a system that will make your design process quick, easy, and fun. We want to do that for you.

How to find your voice

There are two basic things that will help you find your voice and stand out from the crowd. As you navigate your online branding, think about the following questions:

  • meaning: Why do you do what you do and what is its value for the world?
  • difference: How are you unique to your audience and why should they choose you from all of their options?

A Venn diagram showing concepts of a brand story

Find out your brand identity

Your story isn’t just about how you got here, it’s also about where you want to go. The vision.

If things feel messy or overwhelming on your business trip (and they definitely will sometimes) then focus on the vision again. This will help restore clarity and motivation.

Yellow sun graphic with the inscription

Your story must be authentic and rooted in the truth. Being authentic is just another way of being original and that is your strength.

“Originality is an asset,” said Matt Riley, Brand Strategist at GoDaddy Studio. “It has always been like this. But now research shows that originality also creates an economic advantage for brands. “

You are much more likely to reap the rewards (i.e., make money) of your marketing campaigns if consumers think your brand stands out from the sea of ​​equality.

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Develop your brand’s truths

Quote about being faithful to you by Dr.  Seuss

Matt also believes the truth is at the center of everything: “It’s super important. Especially when it comes to an authentic and sustainable brand story. “

In his view, there are four truths that you need to carefully consider at the beginning of your branding journey – or anytime you feel helpless.

  • Your truth: What is the unique product, service or company characteristic that gives your story its roots?
  • Truth of the audience: A truth about your audience. A need or desire that you can fulfill or satisfy. This is where you really connect with what your audience is asking of you.
  • Truth of the moment: Something big, important, and possibly exciting in the culture or your category that you can support or challenge.
  • Truth of your mission: Why do you do what you do beyond profit?

Combining your answers to each of these questions should bring you to your branding story – a succinct statement that sums up your unique offering. Let’s look at a hypothetical example to show what we mean.

Hypothetical scenario

acacia is a skin care brand that makes gender-neutral products from organic ingredients. They rely on quality instead of quantity and leave as little traces as possible in their production processes.

  • Graphic example with four different designs for example acacia Our truth: Acacia is a 1% committed member for the planet.
  • Truth of the audience: The modern consumer must achieve a significant effect with his daily rituals.
  • The moment: Intersectional environmental protection demands the protection of people and the planet.
  • The mission: A world in which we all live in harmony with nature and with one another.

All of this information comes together in Acacia’s strategic storyline:

The end result is a simple, playful statement that positions Acacia as an environmentally conscious beauty brand. It signifies a human heart and purpose beyond selling lotion bottles.

Example of a graphic with a slogan for the example Acacia
Your brand story

It’s worth getting all these ideas out of your head and writing them down in a few lines. Why not make it your first design in GoDaddy Studio? Create a simple poster with your brand story and have it printed for your home office. Radiate this positive energy into your room.

Sample design toolkit for an Acacia sampleLock down your design toolkit

With your individual story, you can move on to a unique visual identity with your online branding. This not only brings your story to life, but also develops the personality of your brand.

Certain words and ideas in your story can activate visual ideas. Alternatively, you may already have a clear idea of ​​where you are going.

The power of the visual storyboard

Before you begin capturing your unique fonts, colors, and graphic styles in a branding toolkit, try creating a vision board for your brand. This is really just a sketch of what the final painting might look like.

Example of a vision board for an acacia example

Visual storyboarding lets you play around with different design elements such as:

  • Colours
  • pictures
  • graphic
  • Fonts

Opt for anything that naturally attracts you and trust your instincts. Then start organizing your visual ideas into templates.

Discover templates that work for your brand’s story

Example of a GoDaddy Studio template with a gradient background and a simple tagline

Example of a GoDaddy Studio template with bold colors and four different designs

The GoDaddy Studio app has many customizable templates to get you started. Use them to develop your ideas and visualize your unique branding style.

Create custom collections of templates

In the Acacia example we illustrated at the beginning of this article, it all came from a very rough vision board. But you can imagine how different the end result would have been if the initial vision board had looked something like this:

The Godaddy Studio app lets you create a collection of custom templates to help you play around with different ideas or conflicting brand identities. These visual tools can then be used to determine which one best fits your brand’s story.

Neutral Godaddy Studio templates collection
Your individual collection of templates
Colorful GoDaddy Studio Templates Collection
One brand – two very different possible brand identities.

Start building today

Alright! You are ready to begin the brand identity journey. Start with a story and vision that will show the world your importance and your difference. You can get into the logos, images, graphics, fonts and color palettes in due course. But for now, jump head first into the GoDaddy Studio app and fall in love with the processColorful geometric graphic pattern with the inscription

Create your brand new brand with GoDaddy Studio today. Find your story and share it with the world!

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