Home play was forced to be canceled at a high school because of police activities; 2 in captivity

Lyons Township High School South Campus continues to investigate the incident after the fight, the weapons returned

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. – A HIGH SCHOOL has suspended a ceremony at their home on Saturday for police activities at the school. Two people are in custody.

A letter to student families at Lyons Township High School said the police incident was caused by a fight during a football match against Proviso West early Saturday.

WGN News was told that fighting broke out in the field after the match and several people from the tents also took part in the fight.

Western Springs police responded to war reports as well as a report of a weapon at the South Campus school, which is located in the Western Springs, according to the letter.

Police conducted a search and found two guns inside an unoccupied vehicle in the South Campus parking lot.

Two unarmed men were detained, a letter and a school website said.

No injuries were reported.

The South Campus and surrounding area remain a viable research experience.

Some officials are in the area too.

The Western Springs Police Department said they do not believe there is an immediate danger to the area.

“After consultation with the Western Springs Police Department, LTHS is shutting down the Night Dance Dance that was scheduled for the South Campus,” the letter said. “We will do our best to recapture Our Coming Festival, and we will announce it in our community next week.”

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