Health Assurance Name Sanjula Jain, Ph.D. of SVP, Market Strategy & Chief Research Officer

NASHVILLE, Tenn .– (WIRE FAI NEI) – Trilliant Health, a research company that is changing how hospitals and health care systems grow, now announces the addition of Sanjula Jain, Ph.D. served as senior vice president of guidance markets and chief executive officer.

Health continues to undergo a major change. Market forces through a combination of integrated payers, new entrants, technology, other payroll systems, innovative pharmaceuticals, strategic planning benefits, and consumer choices create significant challenges for hospital and healthcare systems. In addition, federal and state agencies are constantly reviewing and implementing policies affecting health, costs and insurance.

Dr. Jain is a health research researcher and consulting consultant with expertise in integrating distribution systems, pay reform and population health management. He works on the Faculty of The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Division of Clinical Informatics and is the Co-founder of Think Medium, a think tank specializing in insights for healthcare leaders. Jain previously worked in leadership roles in research and consulting services, training management and growing importance at The Health Management Academy and Emory Healthcare. His research has been published in academic journals such as Health, JAMA, The American Journal of Managed Care, ma The Health Management Letter and leads publishing businesses such as The American Hospital Association’s Market Scan. He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology from Rice University and a doctorate in Health Services Research and Health Policy, with a major in Economics, from Emory University.

“We built a solution development that delivers detailed forecasts that can simulate models across any location, market, service line, and goal setting,” said Hal Andrews, president and CEO of Trilliant Health. “I am pleased to welcome Sanjula to the team as he leads our effort to translate our understanding of the supply of, needs for, and interests for health delivery to support the development of healthcare. health guidelines applicable to the economic and health risks of employees and workplaces have increasingly burdened the companies to provide. ”

Determining the most effective business strategy is difficult when markets are changing. Trilliant empowers healthcare organizations and companies to model rapidly changing markets, by providing the insights needed to make informed decisions based on data. Utilizing its powerful analytics, Trilliant is equipped with healthcare with an algorithmic way to communicate with individuals about their healthcare needs, just like most consumer retailers around the world are. work with their customers.

“In healthcare we have a tendency to make informed choices using the best training behind the data,” Jain said. “It makes decisions more difficult in times of major change. I’m excited to join Trilliant and support the company’s mission of redefining how entrepreneurs can use data and vision to take value for their communities. ”

Jain will lead Trilliant’s modeling, health law enforcement, and counseling services.

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