Gunman kills man inside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, shoots 2 Philadelphia cops before arrest: Police

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A gunman seriously injured a man in a Philadelphia hospital and later shot two police officers in custody, Action News learned.

The incident began around 12:12 a.m. when a gunshot rang out inside Thomas Jefferson University Hospital located at St. Paul’s. 11th Street in Central City.

Police say a man wearing blue jeans, a mask, and a black bag shot a man on the ninth floor of a hospital. An unidentified man died of his injuries in the shooting.

Police tell Action News the gunman fled the hospital in U-Haul. Offices were able to track down the gunman in the Parkside city area where a gun battle ensued.

He allegedly shot two police officers and was later shot when one of the officers returned the gun, investigators said.

One policeman was shot in the arm and another suffered a pasture wound to the nose. Both police officers are registered in a stable state.

The plaintiff, who is not known at this time, is in hospital. There was no immediate word about the condition of the gun.

Stay tuned for Action News as we continue to follow this uplifting story.

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