Governor Kristi Noem denies co-operation with Corey Lewandowski: ‘All waste’


“These rumors are full of rubbish and disgusting lies,” the South Dakota Republican tweeted. “This attack, the fatigue of the caregivers is based on the lie that we can’t get anything without the help of a man. I love Bryon. I’m proud of the God-fearing family we grew up with. Now I’m back at work.”

Noem was responding to a report from American Greatness, which identified several unnamed secretaries as having an affair with Lewandowski, who had also been instructing Noem. Byron Noem is the first man of South Dakota


“There are members of Congress close to Mar-a-Lago who have called the issue ‘open secret’ and are concerned about Noem’s ability as ambassador and within the party,” said one source.

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Pedro Gonzalez, a journalist who wrote the article, pushed back Noem’s reprimand, tweeting, “Hi Noem, please stop me next time. What’s the gossip?” Or allegations against Lewandowski? “

Noem said on Monday that the media was “trying to destroy my children” following a report that the conflict of interest had to do with his meeting with the head of a state-run agency to approve or reject a daughter’s request to buy real estate.

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