Government Closure: Which services may – or may not – be disrupted

The Americans, including hundreds of thousands of government workers, could quickly hear the threat of a US government crackdown. If the judiciary does not reach an agreement by the end of China – the last day of the financial year – the coalition government will officially close from 12:01 am on Friday.

Congress is one step closer to erasing the post Senate Republicans late Monday closed the bill to pay the government on existing measures and to stop the debt.

Most Americans would see the damage in one way or another. Many parks in the country are likely to be closed, while debt and other loans may be delayed because the IRS may stop auditing for Social Security funds, according to the Deponsible Federal Budget Committee (CRFB), a non-profit group dealing with financial matters. .

Government agencies that are considered important – often performing important functions for national security and safety, such as border security and air traffic control – would continue despite closures. But the crisis was coming at a critical juncture, with many American people struggling to get back on their feet between the disease and the economy facing the consequences of the COVID-19 Delta difference.

“Every closure is different – there’s a lot of intelligence in organizations about what they can continue to do,” said Marc Goldwein, director of CRFB law. “All non-essentials have to stop, but there are different definitions of important work.”

For example, there are questions or work on the CODV-19 antidepressant diet and Drug Administration and the Immunization and Prevention Centers may be considered important. Pfizer on Tuesday said it had sent data to the DAA on its clinical trials for immunization in children from 5 to 12 years of age.

The overwhelming impact could be felt by the hundreds of thousands of television crews who may have been fired or suspended, experts say.

“You have two million active civil servants around the world,” Max Stier, president of the non-partisan think tank Partnership for Public Service, told CBSN. “He told them all that it could be closed – which means they should stop working on things like that [Montana] crashing a train or dealing with the economic crisis caused by this epidemic. “

Demonstrations in Congress come as lawmakers are debating whether to raise the country’s border, or “debt,” in addition to what could happen politically. Here’s what you need to know if the government closes this week.

Are we looking for total eradication or discrimination?

This would be a complete overhaul as Congress has not yet passed any funding. The last suspension, from December 22, 2018, to January 25, 2019, was a partial closure as Congress had already cut five of the 12 businesses.

This means that some affiliate organizations are likely to be affected by the new shutdown. The slightest drop in 2018-2019 was to create a 35-day record, which reduced economic growth in the last three months of 2018 by $ 300, the Congressional Budget Office estimates.

What important tasks would continue?

Each joint venture will have its own closure plan, which is coordinated by the Office of Management and Budget. That attempt would see the state of affairs halt until the political crisis between the Democrats and the Republicans is resolved and the money is settled.

But all valuable services would continue. Here are some of the services that were previously reserved for suspension, according to CRFB.

  • Border protection
  • In-hospital treatment
  • Controlling traffic in the air
  • law enforcement
  • Power storage grid

How many civil servants can be filled?

A full state shutdown could affect civil servants more than the closure of the sector before 2018, the Committee on Budget Committee said.

It is likely to be the same in the deregulation rate in 2013 and in early 2018, when an estimated 8.8 billion 2.2 million non-post civil servants were released, the group estimated. As of 2018, about 380 union workers have been released, according to the Public Service Partnership.

Furloughed federal employees are not allowed to work during the downturn and are not paid when they are absent, but will eventually receive compensation once logjam is resolved. But these failures could hurt the economy, according to American Federation of Government Employees public law Director Director Jacqueline Simon.

“He is not the only union employee who suffers if there is no payment on the pay day – the landlord is not paid,” he said. “The credit card company is free, the equipment is free. They don’t go to the grocery store to buy groceries too much.”

Can benefits such as Social Security and Medicare be compromised?

No, experts say that. This is because Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are forced to use the schemes, which means they are not under the annual gift.

But while the government will continue to pay for Social Security recipients and people covered by Medicare and Medicaid, some services may be affected.

For example, the support for the confirmation as well as the card issuance would be suspended during the cancellation, the group said. This can lead to problems for others, as assurance of assistance is sometimes required when people apply for loans, loans or other services that require financial proof.

Would the post office continue to deliver mail?

Yes, because the US Postal Service does not rely on joint dollar tax on their operating budget.

In any change, however, the measurements of postal work it may be delayed for some customers starting Friday, the USPS said Monday. This is due to the continued restructuring of its operations which Postmaster Louis DeJoy said would put billions of dollars in losses and put the agency in the process of making a profit.

“Letters travel long distances will be severely compromised, with a day or two of the time being added to the first letters and magazines,” the agency said. he said.

Can national parks be closed?

It is possible. The National Park Service closed all its parks to visitors during the 2013 ban. But in the closing of 2018, many parks remained open when park services such as garbage removal were suspended. Without staff to keep the parks, some of the parks in the country suffered from a lot of garbage and damaging such behavior illegally off-roading.

Would the IRS continue to operate?

If a shutdown occurs, the tax agency may fail to provide their normal service access and Social Security numbers. This puts a wrench in loan applications and other credit approvals as well as delays in debt borrowing from settlement, CRFB said.

In late 2018, the White House promised that tax refunds would not be affected, altering the IRS’s plan to suspend checks in good time. However that agreement, the restitution did not go as planned: “Twenty-six IRS collapsed employees were recalled to work during the 2018-2019 closure in preparation for the tax season, but 14,000 did not work without pay,” CRFB said.

Would food stamps be delayed?

Funding for the food stamp – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – is limited, but the government’s ability to distribute benefits to those who receive $ 42 million could be compromised, CRFB said.

This is because a stopgap of money bill would be required to authorize the Department of Agriculture to send benefits for 30 days after the initial suspension. At the end of 2018, the USDA avoided the issue by paying food stamps in early January of 2019. If it had not been so before the 30-day window, the agency would not have been able to pay the benefits in March. , according to CRFB.

What else could be wrong?

Many other government agencies and programs would be suspended, though it would not be possible for Americans to be aware of a number of shortcomings. At the end of 2018, representatives include the National Science Foundation, Fish and Wildlife Service, US Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and NOAA they had to suspend their activity.

But while the American people may not be able to wait in organizational programs or be suspended, such a standoff may have consequences. For example, “In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency suspended inspections of several hundred and two hundred sites for hazardous waste, drinking water, and chemical facilities,” CRFB said.


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