GoDaddy is releasing 2 new POS systems

GoDaddy has announced it will be releasing new point of sale (POS) hardware that will allow sellers to sell anything from anywhere.

There are two POS systems that together enable sellers to process transactions from online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay, as well as from social media commerce platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as from stationary locations and their own website.

The new cash register systems include a smart terminal for stationary shops and a card reader for transactions on the go.

New GoDaddy POS systems

The new hardware is great news for small businesses as it is designed to make transactions quick and easy, with most GoDaddy customers being able to set up their payments in less than ten minutes. GoDaddy predicts the new hardware could save the average small business thousands of pounds a year.

Small and medium-sized business owners also benefit from GoDaddy’s holistic view of their company’s performance, as the commercial center automatically synchronizes inventory across different channels.

Entrepreneurs can configure their devices online when ordering and, for example, adapt product lists to logos and even customized receipts. The hardware is then delivered fully adapted and ready for transaction as soon as it arrives and connects to the Internet.

‘Recharge’ the ability to sell

Osama Bedier, GoDaddy’s President of Commerce, said, “GoDaddy’s new point of sale offerings improve our customers’ ability to sell and grow anywhere. We are committed to providing small businesses with the most powerful, yet most user-friendly commerce solutions at an unbeatable price.

“And we’re just getting started.”

GoDaddy POS system features

The customizable GoDaddy Smart Terminal will be a modern terminal for stationary retail. It was designed to be versatile, flat, and come with a dual screen so there is no need to switch screens, pivot or install additional hardware. The Smart Terminal also has a built-in printer for receipts, but it is invisible to keep the design elegant.

The GoDaddy card reader comes with a docking station and is designed for making payments on the go, e.g. B. at a farmers market and similar situations. It’s a small device but fully equipped with a 3-in-1 swipe, chip and tap function. The card reader also works quickly and intuitively with the GoDaddy mobile app. The battery GoDaddy built into the card reader lasts a full day so you can make any sale.

The Commerce Hub helps GoDaddy’s customers easily manage and track every sale they make, including both online and offline, or a mixture of both. The hub’s dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of metrics related to the company’s performance.

There will also be visual graphics for mapping sales and orders, as well as sales comparison tools to monitor the performance of all the marketplaces a company uses to sell its goods.

Image: Godaddy

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