George Floyd’s bronze bust was demolished in New York City’s Union Square

“There’s a video video the police were able to identify,” Sammon said. “They show a man falling under one of the statues. He then mixes something together, and, when he competes to go far, he throws a paint can on the picture.”

Confront Art co-founder Andrew Cohen said when he arrived a team of volunteers was already at the scene clearing the statue.

“They went to the telephone and bought equipment in their pocket,” he said. “This encourages collaboration and support from the community.”

Harmony Seaburg, one of the volunteers who helped clean up the image, noted how difficult it is to detect bad images.

“It was really hard to see a bigger-than-life man like this,” Seaburg told CNN. “We’re trying to get all the paint off his face, but it makes sense.”

Seaburg said five volunteers had been assigned to each other.

“A man is a painter, and he knew what to draw,” Seaburg said. “There are about five of us and we have nothing to do with this program. Until I collected, the people who work here are also doing this.”

Chris Carnabuci.

“In Flatbush, it was four days after the opening,” Carnabuci told CNN. “In this case, the official opening of the newspaper was China, so it’s only a matter of days.”

“I’m not scared, but I’m still sad,” he said. “It’s a very frustrating thing to do, and it’s not the kind of talk – the key to publicity – I wanted.”


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