Garland beats FBI in response to a ‘disruptive spike’ in threats against teachers

Important topic: Justice Department plans show significant growth in government response to school board meetings full of protesters protesting Covid-19 mask mandates, political interpretations of religious doctrines and other technical-related issues that affect classroom learning and school safety.

Last week, the National School Boards Association pressured President Joe Biden to work with the coalition to see if violence and intimidation of public school principals could be seen as a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

“The American public schools and their academic leaders are under threat,” the group said wrote to Biden.

“These threats and acts of violence are undermining our country’s transparent government, causing school board members – many of whom have not been paid – to resign immediately and / or suspend their work on time,” said school board officials.

Looking ahead: In response, Garland instructed the FBI and union judges to meet with national, state, local, tribal and local leaders in each of the 30-day judiciary to “facilitate a dialogue on coping strategies” against school officials, board members, teachers and staff.

“The department takes these incidents very seriously and is committed to using its powers and resources to reduce these threats, to inform them when they occur, and to prosecute them if necessary,” Garland wrote.

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