Gabby Petito autopsy: The cause of death was suffocation, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue says

NORTH PORT, Fla. – Gabby Petito dies of strangulation, Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue disclosed at a news conference Tuesday, weeks after the FBI uncovered a 22-year-old remains in Bridger-Teton National Forest, north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Blue last month announced the way a young woman’s death was to be executed.

Brian Laundrie, Petito’s fiancĂ© and the only interested person named in the case, has not been seen since September 13. He is also under the control of the union’s credit card fraud.

Petito’s bones had been in the Wyoming Desert for three or four weeks, Brent said, without elaborating on the possible side effects of autopsies. He was found alive in public on August 27, three weeks and two days before his discovery.

“We find the cause and path of death to be, the cause, death and suffocation, and the practice of murder,” Blue said. “With the Wyoming state statute, no further information will be released about the corpse.”

He dismissed rumors that Peter was pregnant at the time of his death and insisted that information about a possible suspect should come from law enforcement.

Yes FBIThe Denver Field Office is leading an investigation into Petito’s murder.


Blue refused to go into an in-depth account of the findings of the corpses, taking Wyoming’s rule.

Pat Diaz, a Miami-Dade murder detective, said the investigator was likely to conclude the error was due to the broken hyoid, which he said could only be seen through X-ray due to the body’s decay location.

Suffering can be difficult to convict in court without confession, Diaz said, but it is not possible.

Blue initially refused to answer questions about the fact that his office had an X-ray machine – but said Tuesday the whole body was made at his place.

He noted the long delay in announcing the cause of death and his thorough physical examination.

“We have been pushing for our exam and for the depth to be done there,” he said. “We have been waiting for different experts to come and help us with this investigation. We have been waiting for the poison to be recovered, and it was just a matter of making sure we had everything right.”

He declined to publish any findings from the toxicology report, citing Wyoming legislation.

As of Friday, Petito’s remains were still being held in Wyoming. Blue said the family was making arrangements for him to return home to New York.

“Bringing him home is the family’s priority,” his parents’ lawyer Richard Stafford told Fox News.

Officials found Petito’s body near Great Teton National Park in Wyoming on September 19, nearly when two bloggers saw the 2012 Ford Transit van parked in late August.

The discovery came eight days after her mother reported her disappearance Long Island, New York, and eighteen days after her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, returned home to Florida without her.

“The death of Gabby Petito at such a young age is a tragedy,” Laundrie’s lawyer Steve Bertolino said in a statement Tuesday. “Currently Brian Laundrie is accused of illegally using Gabby’s bank card. Brian is only considered an interested person in connection with the death of Gabby Petito.

The couple grew up on Long Island and began dating after going to high school together. They later moved to North Port, Florida., Where they lived with Laundrie’s parents. In June, they embarked on a trip across the country on the pure Ford Transit route with plans to visit national parks along the way.

On August 12, witnesses called police to the couple in Moab, Utah, after they allegedly saw Laundrie beating and beating Petito outside a grocery store outside Main Street. No charges were filed, but police told them to separate overnight and drove Laundrie to the hotel.

However it is not clear if he went inside. The owner told Fox News that the house was registered as a non-profit to victims of domestic violence and was not in his name.

Jason Jensen, an independent investigator in Salt Lake City, predicted Monday that the cause of death could be suffocation due to a demonstration of Petito directly on his chin and neck in a video of a thousand bodies in the August 12 incident.

On August 27, in what may have been Petito’s last public appearance, eyewitnesses said they saw him weeping Laundrie fighting with restaurant staff at Merry Piglets, a Texas-Mex restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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On September 1, months after embarking on their journey, Laundrie returned to North Port home in a two-way, but without Petito, officials said. The young woman was not reported missing until 10 days later, on September 11, when her mother reported the matter to police in Suffolk County, New York. Authorities later seized a van from the Laundries’ home.

Laundrie was later named a person interested in Petito’s disappearance. His whereabouts have remained unknown since Tuesday afternoon. He was not charged with murder.

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