Fort Worth police have arrested a man he allegedly killed and cut off three people

Police said Jason Alan Thornburg, 41, agreed to kill a man and two women in a hotel room within about five days and then dumped their bodies in a dungeon before burning garbage, according to a contract confirmation. .

Fort Worth police appealed to the public last week to help identify the killer, after finding three bodies that had “been badly burned and exhumed and there were” missing body parts. “Police once thought that one of the victims was a child and the other was a teenage girl.

One suspect was identified as 42-year-old David Lueras, who was “known to frequently travel to the Dallas area” and “with links” to nearby areas, police said last week, adding that the condition of the bodies made the identification difficult.

Thornburg told police he had “an in-depth knowledge of the Bible and believed he was being called to offer sacrifices,” as they put it.

During his police interrogation, Thornburg also admitted to killing two other people, whom he also saw as “sacrifices”, according to an affidavit. One of the victims was his girlfriend, an affidavit, who was reported missing.

Thornburg is currently being held in a jail in Tarrant County, Texas, at a cost of $ 1 million, police said at a news conference Tuesday. Court documents have not been submitted at this time and it is not clear if he has a lawyer.

Fort Worth police say the investigation is still ongoing.


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