Ford on Lucid and what to do with Moderna

Logitech: “I’ve been enjoying it since the 30’s. Should I have removed it at 120? I dont know. My thing is they do a great job buying a bit more, but not yet. Let’s see if it can find a bottom. “

Lucid: “It’s gotten so high that I think Ford – where my investment club has a position – likes Ford more than Lucid.”

LivePerson: “Let’s get them back on, but they reported lower than they reported. Now they may say they didn’t, but that’s how I read and that’s why it doesn’t get higher.”

Novocure: “This is wild stock. It trades with every single approval it receives. I still stick with the fact that this is an incredible device that has given people many more years of life. I’m not scared.” before back. ” “

Moderna: “We were all excited about this one, and I think it’s now peaked and we have to drop it. I don’t want to touch it yet. Look, it’s the time of the oils. That stock is actually going to go up when oil stocks go down. I’m not fooling you. “


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