Florida man takes hissing alligator using a garbage bin in a wild virus infection video

A Florida man contracted the virus after he was seen taking a nightclub Tuesday night using his military training… and garbage cans.

Eugene Bozzi, 26, a veteran of the military, posted a viral video of his various ways of arguing on his Instagram with the line, “Crazy day in Florida,” according to reports.

“I don’t know how,” Bozzi told Orlando WESH-TV, “so I did it my way.”


In the video, Bozzi is seen hitting an open garbage can when he arrives at a six-foot crawler at his home on Mount Dora, about 30 miles northwest of Orlando. As the gator slowly returns, he is heard to say, “Let me know when the head is inside.”

When the Bozzi drops the lid, it hits the gator’s head, causing the giant beast to begin to break. Eventually, the gator is able to fit inside the vessel, and Bozzi closes the lid, to the delight of the delightful viewers.

“So I got trash, I saw some things on TV,” Bozzi told FOX 35 Orlando. “I knew if I kept the front of the trash can there, he’d probably come in or think that mouth and back, which he did. I just grabbed him and threw him in and walked him down well,” that’s right.

Bozzi then placed the tank on the ground in a nearby pool and released the alligator into the water, according to the station.

“His weight was heavier than I thought,” Bozzi added, “so I thought he was overweight, and when I put him in there he was really strong, he felt like someone inside was trying to hit the top trying to get out and I waited for him to calm down.”

The incident prompted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to tell the Floridians who care about alligators, “Do not pick up a trash can.”


“Call our hotline… & we can send the real REAL alligator trapper,” the commission wrote on Twitter.

But a Philadelphia soldier and native said the meeting was “a momentary stimulus to think,” according to the New York Post.

Bozzi said he was in his garage talking to his grandson when he heard “a little noise.” He said his daughter was riding a bicycle when he told her, “Hey this big pig just whistled at me!”

“I went there and it was bigger than me. There were other people’s kids out there, too,” Bozzi told the paper. “The military force has hit – and, you know, guard whatever.”

User on Twitter called meeting is “the most important thing in Florida I’ve seen in a month.”

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Bozzi told the Post that he might call for “rescue wildlife” next time.

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