‘Five’ responds Pelosi scolds media for not spending $ 300 million

“Five” responded Wednesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Urging the media not to “sell” the $ 3,000 Democrats-Build the Better Back program during her press conference this week.

“Well I think you can all do a better job of selling yourself, to tell the truth to you,” Pelosi teased congressional reporters Tuesday.

“It’s amazing that [Pelosi] he can say that with a straight face, “said employee Greg Gutfeld.” But that is the development of modern medicine. Is it a crime to expect [the media] to carry water? I don’t think so. “


Gutfeld emphasized the role of free civil society as agents and agents of the Democratic Party.

“If you ask a lot of Democrats, they think the media is biased towards them too,” activist Dana Perino said. He added that former political secretary Hillary Clinton agrees.

Perino also echoed Pelosi’s remarks in which he said the public was “very supportive” of the bill.

“Once you start looking into it, people are saying, ‘Stop, we don’t really want this.’ It’s not a bad thing, “said Perino. “All the parties are saying,” No, we don’t really think we need this. We don’t think it will help us. “

For example, Perino pointed to a free pre-kindergarten thing that would probably require all pre-kindergarten providers to have a college degree. This requirement may reduce the already-incomplete amount of pre-K providers, but probably not the total tax for pre-K. The global pre-K section also included faith-based caregivers who care for children from participating in the program.

“Pre-K is for day care, in fact,” said Geraldo Rivera. “Having a college degree [is] it doesn’t matter. “

It is not the only bill that has attracted the attention of the panels. Coalition for “Five” Jesse Watters has revealed some of the unpopularity in the bill, which gives $ 25 million to the polls and $ 8 billion to foreign police. It also “punishes marriage” and is highly taxable for small businesses.

Other facilities include a free college course for illegal immigrants and $ 633 according to customs.

“What’s that, Taco Tuesday ?,” Watters exclaimed.

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Democratic progress has supported the budget reconciliation bill. Moderate Sens. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) Have so far challenged the law, saying it has risen sharply in price. Manchin said he could support the $ 1.5 trillion bill instead.

Rivera asked the two senators to “speak more” about their needs for the bill.

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