Federal judge allows health workers in New York to apply for religious exemption in Covid-19 protection order

U.S. Attorney General David Hurd issued the ruling on Tuesday, issuing a first ruling that allows health workers to file for non-payment of religious benefits suspected by their employers.

Hurd said the Department of Health was “barred from interfering in any way with the religious exemption from the Covid-19 bottle going forward, or with the freedom movement previously granted.”

The injury also prohibited the Department of Health from taking penalties or other action on licenses, certificates, residency, or other professional position of health workers who have sought or obtained religious exemption.

Last month, 15 health workers, most of whom did not name doctors, residents and nurses, filed a lawsuit against the New York State department, which did not allow religious exemptions. The judge issued a temporary ban on September 14 in connection with religious liberation.
New York State had mandated that all health workers be vaccinated against Covid-19 by September 27. At the scheduled time, approximately 92% of hospital staff nationwide had been vaccinated.

Gov.New York Governor Kathy Hochul said in a statement he stood by the defense order.

“My job as Governor is to protect the people of this country, and to require health workers to inject those who do so,” he said in a statement. “I stand behind this agreement, and I will fight this court to protect New York.”

Meanwhile, Christopher Ferrara, the plaintiffs’ lead attorney in the case and Thomas More Society Special Counselor, praised the judge’s decision in the statement.

“With this decision, the court is well aware that the ‘heroes’ of yesterday in dealing with Covid will never be treated as carriers and crucifixion at the behest of the state health department,” he said.

CNN reached out to the New York Department of Health and New York Attorney General’s Office, all of whom were named as prosecutors in a suit, to speak.

Health workers protesting against the power of the vaccine did so because they refused to be forced to take injections using “fetal cell lines” from “abortion.”

The New York State health official confirmed in an affidavit as part of the case that fetal cell lines were used in testing and developing current Covid-19 drugs, as directed by the judge.

“In summary, while no other DAA drug approved Covid-19 injections containing any fetal cells, fetal cell lines were only used ‘in testing during the development and development of MNA injections. [Moderna or Pzifer], and during the production of Johnson and Johnson [Janssen] Vaccine, ‘”an affidavit from Dr. Elizabeth Rausch-Phung, director of the Bureau of Immunization at the New York State health department, reads.

However, the Vatican stated that it is “culturally acceptable to receive anti-Covid-19 antibodies that used cells from infants removed from research and production.”

The alleged government agencies claimed that the vaccination permit for health workers was supposed to control the spread of Covid-19, including the Delta divergence.

The first rule was given as a temporary measure to allow plaintiffs to continue to dispute their cases. Hurd said the question was not whether applicants were entitled to religious exemptions but whether the national immunization order was against the authors’ right to a collective right to seek religious residence “from their employers.


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