Fed, State, and Local Policies and How They Affect Your Small Business

As we all enjoy the political theater of our current presidential election, Dave and Shannon decide to focus this week’s topic on politics and how it can (and will) affect your small business.

Join us as we discuss Dave’s “crazy theory of politics” by looking at the “why” instead of just the “who” when you hear a political message, and how you get on with the national vs. corporate. Of course, no small business policy discussion would be complete without touching on the new laws on exempt and hourly workers and the minimum wage requirements for both.

Finally, we talk about the concept that it is better to “ask for forgiveness rather than permission,” and that dealing with local, state, or federal laws is NOT a good idea.

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Chapter / timestamp:

00:00:00 Small Business Show # 86 September 28, 2016
00:00:45 Political theater
00:01:58 Dave’s crazy theory
00:05:34 Who is sending the message?
00:08:50 National vs. local
00:09:46 Health care, minimum wage
00:10:00 “Exempt” employees
00:14:05 There is no such thing as forgiveness
00:14:41 Zenefits
00:16:08 The wheels of Congress are moving slowly, but they are moving!
00:20:10 Be more careful the closer it gets to home
00:25:19 Tin foil hat: Unelected bureaucrats
00:27:44 Customs can be the worst!

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