Facebook’s response to the 60-minute report, “The Facebook Whistleblower”

Lena Pietsch, Facebook’s chief legal officer, responded to the 60-minute report, “The Facebook Whistleblower,” with the following statements on behalf of the social media company:

“Every day our teams have to work hard to protect the right of billions of people to express themselves openly and the need to keep our platform a safe and secure environment.

There is a claim that internal audits have shown that the company is not doing enough to eradicate hatred, false information, and conspiracy:

“We have invested heavily in people and technology to maintain our secure platform, and we have made a serious effort to provide respectful information first and foremost. If any research found a real solution to these complex problems, the technology industry, government, and society would do so.” “We have developed it in the past. We have a strong history of using our research – as well as external research and close collaboration with experts and organizations – to announce change to our apps.”

There is a saying that the promotions within Facebook are bad, and the desire to connect to the platform and profit outweighs security in some cases:

“Living with hatred or harm is bad for our community, bad for advertisers, and ultimately, bad for our business. What motivates us is to provide a safe, positive experience for billions of Facebook users. That’s why we have invested so much in safety and security.”

There is a suggestion that the change in “Meaning of Social Cohesion” in 2018 has increased polarizing and hostile internalization:

“The purpose of the Sensible Social Cohesion is a changing position in the name: to improve public knowledge by prioritizing documents that promote interaction, especially communication, between family and friends – which reflects a better search for human life – and by criticizing public content. Research also shows growing polarization For decades, platforms such as Facebook did not exist, and that it is declining in some countries where the use of the Internet and Facebook has increased. by searching. “

There are allegations that security measures were put in place, and then repeated, and made Facebook less secure in the administration until January 6:

“We have spent more than two years preparing for the 2020 election with huge sums of money, more than 40 teams for the company, and more than 35,000 people working in security and safety. and information from ours is ongoing, always cooperating with lawmakers. elections on our platform – and we are proud of this work. “

To add a comment on Facebook’s response to vulnerable organizations ahead of the January 6 Capitol revolt:

“We have banned hundreds of local organizations, seized tens of thousands of QAnon pages, groups and accounts from our apps, and removed the first #StopTheSteal Group. Facebook has taken serious steps to address the issue and we will continue to do our part. ” . “

On Instagram pause the opening of the version for younger users:

Statement from Instagram: “While we stand by the importance that this event can give families, we have decided to suspend the program to give us time to work with parents, professionals, policymakers and judges, to listen to their concerns, and” show the importance of this program for teens online today. The reality is that children are already online, and we believe that developing age-appropriate events designed for them is better for parents than we are today. “


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