Facebook wants to testify at the Senate hearing about Instagram effects

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Facebook officials will soon return to the hallowed halls of Congress, where they will be resumed her favorite pastime: being yelled at by lawmakers for ruining America.

This time around, the lucky company representative is Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global security chief, who is set to grapple with allegations that Instagram (also owned by Facebook) is bad for children’s mental health. The Washington Post reports. Have these claims has existed for years however, recently after the publication of the “Facebook files“, A series of Wall Street Journal articles based on internal company leaked communications. These leaks, provided by a whistleblower, show, among other things, that researchers on Instagram internal studies carried out into the subject of children’s mental health and understand exactly how harmful the app can be – especially for teenage girls.

For this reason, a hearing by the trade senate is planned for next Thursday Consumer Protection Subcommittee. The same whistleblower who shared the leaks with the Journal apparently shared “giants of documents”. with the offices of Sen. Marsha Blackburn, of Tennessee, who is the highest ranking member of the subcommittee. Blackburn has too specified that she expects representatives from other social media companies, including TikTok, YouTube, Snap and Twitter, to attend the hearing in addition to Facebook. However, it is not yet clear who will show up besides Davis.

The “Facebook files” have sparked new outrage about the social effects of social media and sparked a tremendous controversy about a not exactly unknown company. The Instagram revelations in particular have shown just how much detail the company has researched into the negative effects its product has on the mental health of young girls. “For every third teenage girl, we exacerbate body image problems,” and in-house slide show from 2019 supposedly said. Another slide showed that of the suicidal teenage Instagram users, 13% of UK and 6% of American teenagers tracked “a desire to kill themselves” on the platform.

According to the Wall Street Journal reporting, Instagram followed published a blog post in which it tried to contextualize its research efforts. “Research on the effects of social media on people’s wellbeing is mixed and our own research reflects external research,” the post says. “Social media is not inherently good or bad for people. Many find it helpful one day and problematic the next. What seems most important is the way people use social media and their state of mind when they use it. “

It is imperative to discuss these questions. However, it can still Another Legislative hearing worthwhile or is it just an excuse for congressional leaders to pass out their moral outrage over C-SPAN? By now I’m pretty sure we all know the broad lines of why huge social media is detrimental to politics, culture, and people’s brains – though I think there is always new depths to explore. Will anything positive come out of all of this? I think we will find out.


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