Employees vs. hourly employees

Are you separating your business? How do you keep track of things when solving problems? We’ll discuss the importance of AMF (always forward!) When addressing problems with your small business, as well as setting up triggers to help you account for it.

We then come to a discussion of the new federal overtime rules that raise the hourly threshold from $ 23,660 to $ 47,476. How does this affect your managers and supervisors who are employed? Will you adjust wage rates to cover additional overtime payments? Dave and Shannon do their best to be objective and discuss both sides of this new rule.

In this episode, you’ll also learn how to get one of the coveted Small Business Show T-shirts pictured below. It’s easy, I promise!


And we’ll end the show with some Facebook advertising tips not to be missed, how to target audience, help, and information on local Facebook events near you.

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Find local Facebook events to learn more about promoting your business on the website.

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