Elon Musk cites “last minute concerns” regarding the delay in the Tesla software rollout

Tesla has postponed the rollout of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 10.2 software due to last-minute concerns, CEO Elon Musk tweeted early saturday. He apologized for the delay and said the release would likely be Sunday or Monday. He did not elaborate on what the “concerns” were.

The software was due to roll out on Friday for about 1,000 Tesla owners with perfect security ratings of 100 – as determined by the automaker – with a gradual roll-out for those with ratings of 99 and below after that. after Musk.

Tesla has been testing the beta version of its FSD software for about a year, and although the head of the National Transportation Safety Board raised serious concerns about the safety of the software, the automaker began expanding FSD access to more drivers last month. However, before a Tesla driver gains access to FSD, the company determines their “safety rating” based on criteria that “assess the likelihood that your driving could lead to a future collision”. The score is tabulated using data collected by sensors in the driver’s Tesla.

The company has urged owners who choose to do the FSD beta to sign confidentiality agreements and not to share video clips online about the system’s flaws. To reiterate, the FSD software does not make Teslas completely autonomous; Musk himself has said that he thinks the “Feature Complete” version of the software is only “likely” to drive someone from home to work without human intervention and still needs supervision.

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