Electricity from Lehigh Valley operating in Florida is said to have killed two of his colleagues; 3rd caught criticizing | Lehigh Valley District News

An electrician from the Lehigh Valley got into an angry dispute with a high-ranking official who attacked his colleagues at a Florida home where they shared a work plan, killing two on Saturday and injuring a third who was not expected to survive, the chef said.

Electrician Shun Runyon and some of his colleagues lived in Davenport when they worked for a while at the Pennsylvania electric company store, J&B Electric. Thirty-nine-year-old Ruynon, whose court records show he hails from the Nazareth area in Northampton County, argued with his superior Friday, stabbing the man and fleeing the workplace, said Sherk of Polk County Grady Judd during a news conference.

Runyon returned to the house where he lived with seven other colleagues and their families and began attacking them with a knife and baseball, beating one man to death while he was asleep, Judd said.

A second was found dead on the front porch and a third was severely beaten and hospitalized in a critical condition and “not expected to survive,” the chief said.

Runyon chased a fourth person down the street and hit him with a bat. One man escaped unharmed with his wife and seven-year-old daughter, Judd said.

Davenport is a region of approximately 35 miles (50 km) southwest of Orlando in central Florida.

Runyon fled the house, leaving a bloody trail that eventually cooled off, prompting extensive investigations involving a large number of paramedics, K-9 units, drones and helicopters, authorities said.

He later came to the home of a couple of Lake Wales, dressed in blood and told them he had been raped, according to the Sheriff. Judd said the man threw his bloodied clothes at the home as they were urging him to go to the hospital where he was later taken.

The sheriff said the charges would be laid against Runyon, who was unharmed. The identities of those killed were not immediately released.

“He knew all the victims. We don’t know what made him so angry that more than 24 hours later he would come back and try to kill each of them, ”said Judd.

Runyon also has a history of violence, the sheriff said, including the violent arrests and seizures in Pennsylvania. A search of the court records says Runyon was charged with strangulation in Nazareth in May. According to court documents, he filed a bail application with a court scheduled for October 14. The court listed Runyon as an address in Nazareth.


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