Donald Trump’s silence: why Twitter ban is cracking down on his actions | Donald Trump

Thist was just like in the past. Only on Wednesday, Donald Trump released a statement on the possible war with China, what Congress should do about debt, the lies of a stolen election and his Fox News friend “senior Sean Hannity”.

But how many people have seen it?

Throw in the desert of social media, the former US president releases statements and emails these days, closing inboxes of thoughtful journalists who have gone elsewhere. By the time the same tweet from Trump could create a string of news, rattle financial markets and volatile foreign headlines are already over.

His post-presidential online affiliate program is in the drop, the Axios website reported this week, extracting data from SocialFlow, a promotional platform that measures the impact from postings from its publishers network.

Inside press coverage of Trump dropped 37% in August and September compared to June and July, according to the findings. This represents a 50% decrease from March. The decline has been unpredictable since the blockbuster trial of the Trump administration in February.

In short the “former boy”, as he is called by Joe Biden, a former violent social media player, is rapidly disappearing, caught up in the fast-paced news circles he once ruled over.

Monika McDermott, professor of political science at Fordham University in New York, stated: “Her online presence has been severely curtailed for a variety of reasons. First of all, he was better on Twitter because he was punchy. He was of that age: people followed him and found common ground. Any other platform made it difficult for him to walk in style and character. “

“Furthermore, he has lost his position as president of the United States, and he has no choice but to contest the congress. his integrity remains. ”

Trump had more than eighty-eight million followers on Twitter and used it as a newsgram, triggering a segment, insulting opponents and committing heinous crimes.

Twitter suspended Donald Trump's record two days after the January 6 revolt at the Capitol.
Twitter suspended Donald Trump’s record two days after the January 6 revolt at the Capitol. Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

But Twitter joined other news forums in banning him after a mob of his supporters attacked the US Capitol on January 6. Twitter said his tweets had violated its anti-corruption law and had a “greater chance” of inciting people to repeat what happened in the worst possible uprising.

Since then Trump’s ability to control the online agenda has plummeted. He later released his own “platform”, a magnificent blog that bit the dust a month later. He continues to send email comments through Save American political committee but they tend to be long and rarely bother with string news chyron writers.

Michael D’Antonio, political analyst and author of The Truth About Trump, stated: “There is a difference between texting and telephone. Often people no longer want to talk on the phone but will respond if you are committed to what you write and lead. ”

These failed companies just work to show how Mr. Trump and Twitter were perfect for each other, a loss he really seemed to understand. Earlier this month he filed a lawsuit asking a Florida judge to force Twitter to reinstate his account – which could put him in the middle of a crackdown.

D’Antonio added: He just seemed to excel at writing what were actually the daily essay headlines which I associate with his whole life of faith with bloody woke up because of [Rupert] Murdoch and that [New York] Send.

“He met his real fortune teller in social media, especially Twitter. It connected him with an audience that was reluctant to read several lines about something and was destined to remain anonymous through the media because people just wanted revenge. “

The change means that a dramatic drop has emerged in the past nine months. Mr Trump, bound for his constituency in Florida or New Jersey, had been largely involved in a dispute over plans for the removal of Afghanistan and the Biden infrastructure bill and regional spending plans. Mitch McConnell, the Republican ambassador to the Senate, seems to be ignoring him.

And again, the former leader is struggling to break through and create news, and if he does, it usually happens because of a harmful cover-up from the book or a legal investigation into his attempts to overthrow the 2020 elections. Axios cited data from NewsWhip showing that there were 26% fewer stories about him in August and September than in March and April. And these stories had an average of 28% less involvement than in the media.

Donald Trump is still able to reach his destination through similar rallies in Perry, Georgia, last month, where he addressed a crowd of thousands.
Donald Trump is still able to reach his destination through such meetings in Perry, Georgia, last month, where he addressed a crowd of thousands. Photo: Robin Rayne / Zuma Press Wire / Rex / Shutterstock

Yet Mr. Trump is still widely known as the undisputed leader of the Republican party and his “big lies” about the rigged elections are all just party doctrines. He continues to be offered a platform by conservative broadcasters such as Fox News, Newsmax and the One America News Network. If he decides to run for president again in 2024, he is likely to be a Republican president.

John Zogby, a researcher and author, stated: “I am in northern New York. I see hundreds of race signs and courts but also ‘Honk if you have Trump’. The well-known ‘Fuck Biden’ temples are mostly rural but authentic.

“Trump is running for president. He has his own network and includes radio and cable talk. He will breathe a lot of life into Newsmax and the One America News Network. He will find his way because his foundation loves him. ”

From the start, Trump’s digital power was enhanced by an analog box: a campaign rally that gives potential fans the opportunity to be in front of him in a mourning rally. On Saturday night it can attract a large number of people to a meeting in Iowa, the first country to have a voice in a party ahead of the party.

Tara Setmayer, A former Republican communications director at Capitol Hill, said: “We are no longer married to feeds and mobile phones on Twitter and we can really enjoy Sunday brunch right now because Mr. Donald Trump is not sending anything crazy. Thus, the earth’s existence is still a threat to our politics.

“Even though he is not a local on social media platforms, he is still out there and still has the right to a social media platform that continues to enhance his life and that is a challenge.”

Mr Trump may be eligible to return to Facebook in 2023, when his two-year suspension expires, at the time of the White House settlement. At the same time Twitter may also face intense pressure to reinstate him or face charges that it is imposing restrictions on one person in the presidential election.

Setmayer, senior adviser to the Lincoln Project, which worked on Trump’s defeat last year, saw that Twitter may have another reason to bring him back. “I don’t know how they will be able to show that Trump doesn’t mind if he decides to run again from a business perspective, given how many users were left behind because of their ban on Mr. Trump. The integration was low, their stock low.

“Twitter is still trying to figure out how to make their platform a success so if you remove one of your hardcore accounts, account holders, it hurts under them. It could be a different reality facing Twitter when they want to make a decision, sadly.”

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