Domino’s investment market ups are part of its growth strategy

Domino’s has identified the market for increased sales and is now looking to build on this strength and unveil a year-long growth plan.

Domino says investment in markets and innovation will be key to economic growth after the crisis, as products are expected to fall to between £ 1.6bn to £ 1.6bn. 1.9bn this year.

The fast-food brand has set out many-year guidelines for driving growth, which are valued in the use of market opportunities, qualified statistics and its branding.

With the launch of this new guide for growth, Domino’s is looking to use the energy built up in the past year since it encourages people to eat at home regularly.

Domino’s credits its balancing plan to balance investments in brand and record for keeping sales throughout the course of the crisis. The company posted sales of £ 1.3bn for the year, an increase of 11.4% compared to the same period in 2019, and base profit before tax of £ 101.2m.

We know how to improve our transactions, use information and insights to inform our choices … and accelerate our international data and technology.

Dominic Paul, Domino’s

Domino’s plans for numbers have changed as a result of Covid. Online sales for the year to 27 December 2020 increased by 23.9%, with online sales currently accounting for 94.3% of all sales in the UK.

The chain said it now needs to operate in an environment that is “forever changed” as food consumption increases in food distribution and quantity has become the best option.

“We have already invested in our core strengths and built on our core strengths to take advantage of the opportunities ahead,” said Domino’s CEO Dominic Paul.

“We know how to improve our sales, use information and insights to inform our choices, and leverage the strength of our supply to drive excellence and accelerate our data and technology.”

Paul describes Domino’s app as the “drive force” of its digital offering with sales up 26.2%, or 43.3% of all products online. The app had 4.3 million downloads in 2020.

As part of its growth, Domino also plans to open 200 new stores, boost its business collection, improve product quality and maintain business-economy leadership.

Understanding people

The company built a database and insights in March 2020 to invest in customer data, enabling the business to better understand customers and adapt to changes in the course of the crisis.

This data helps in making decisions when it comes to reopening stores and free internet access in the summer, for example, as well as selecting items to temporarily remove from the list to upgrade. social interactions during preparation.

The company has now built customer insights into business decision -making to help build more “focused” marketing, support new and improved customer experience.

The new team will also enable Domino’s to build capabilities in CRM, customer service, sales and testing and training programs for street marketing.

Domino’s has a new mobile phone in the pipeline, which allows it to classify parts and the next generation will offer a more personalized experience.

In January the company merged its number of teams under remit marketing as it hoped to boost its digital numbers.

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