DOJ launches efforts to combat the threat of violence against school authorities

The Ministry of Justice is launching a campaign against what it says is an “increase” in the “threat of violence” for school principals and teachers across the country.

“Threats against civil servants are not only illegal, they are against the morals of our country,” Attorney General Garland said of the experiment in a statement Monday. “Those who give of their time and energy to ensure that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment should be able to do their job without fear of their safety.”

Garland has instructed FBI and US offices to hold meetings with national, state and federal officials over the next 30 days, during which they will discuss ways to combat what the DOJ calls “disruptive” harassment and intimidation against school officials. .

Critics say the move is tantamount to attempts by Biden leaders to prevent parents from exercising their first Amendment rights.


The DOJ will be opening up a group aimed at resolving the issue, trying to figure out how the coalition government can use its powers to prosecute and assist local law enforcement in non-political cases.

Skilled education will be made available to local school boards and administrators to assist them in identifying threats, as well as assisting them to report these incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies while maintaining evidence to assist in criminal proceedings.

The move comes just four days after the leadership of a national school governing body called on Biden’s management and policymakers to help the school boards, which the group said saw an increase in threats of violence in response to the COVID-19 ban and intensified race doctrines.

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“While local and legal representatives work with public school staff in a number of areas to prevent further disruption of academic services and the functioning of the school district, law enforcement agencies in some areas need assistance – including assistance in monitoring threats,” said National School Boards Association President Viola Garcia, whose organization represents more than 90,000. of school boards.

The legal department did not immediately respond to Fox News’s request for comment.

Fox News’ Alexandria Hoff contributed to this article.

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