Democrats grit their teeth after Manchin writes out the requirements

“I see myself coming down to $ 3.5 trillion but we will see where the $ 1.5 trillion goes,” said Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii). “He confirms that this is where he will go, which is unfortunate if you ask me.”

Manchin took another true step to China for his fellow Democrats, after POLITICO received an internal memorandum that he gave to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in July, which outlined his demands for Democrats’ spending in the region. The party used the scheduled caucus during the day to access that page.

Democrats seemed nervous when they entered the private meeting, but inside the room, the air was “extremely cold” as one participant said. Manchin didn’t even take part in the afternoon. But still most of the talks were focused on the Democrats’ way forward on their spending plan and the upcoming fight with Republicans over raising the debt limit.

“There is a sense of expectation that ‘we will get there,’ but the idea of ​​frustration and lack of clarity is this: Why in the near future,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) “I urged everyone: ‘It is time to give us an agreement.’”

The talks come as the president, Joe Biden, on the domestic crisis, as well as the absence of an ambiguous bipartisan parliament in the House and leaders such as Manchin and Sen Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) Are still in talks with the White House on social issues. usage plan.

Cinema released the statement shortly after Manchin’s public address, announcing that he had provided the numbers and information to Biden and Schumer in August. He confirmed, again, that $ 3.5 trillion was too high for him to support.

It still leaves Democrats in custody, wondering if they have started with Manchin and Cinema and tried to negotiate with them, or if they are going to fight to maintain their current plan to increase child protection, education, health care and climate change.

When asked about the $ 1.5 trillion head, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) Replied: “There are two things I want to know. I need to know the numbers and also want to know what is in them. So until you know everything, you can’t answer. ”

While Democratic leaders are showing too much anticipation of time for the real estate pay and spending package, Cardin and other Democrats still say they would be interested in seeing progress at this time.

“I wish we had moved on, but finding the necessary legislative changes will be difficult,” added Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.). “We’ll just move on.”

Despite the lack of a clear path forward, Democrats are insisting publicly that they will meet Biden’s demands, even though they have moved ahead by opposing Manchin’s demands. As one Democratic supporter observed the concerns of the Senate Democratic Caucus and Manchin: “They are not talking. But they are smoking. ”

“Mr. Manchin has his own views on the matter, and I have another idea: What $ 3.5 trillion is a safeguard against the climate crisis, ”said Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.). “I strongly believe that the day will soon come when we will pass the bipartisan bill which is the most important. And passing a reconciliation bill is strong. ”

Schumer has always insisted on “two-track” plans, under which Democrats would not pass a real bipartisan infrastructure package without social capital. And even though Schumer signed Manchin’s request, the hand wrote: “I’ll try to persuade Joe on most of these.”

Senators and China, however, have refrained from criticizing Schumer, acknowledging differing views within the 50-member conference and the fact that he will not lose a single vote on the social media system.

Schumer “came out of that conversation with Sen. Manchin hoping he could continue to get him to do more,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). “Yes, I would like to give this talk a few months ago. Joe wasn’t ready to do that talk two months ago, it doesn’t affect our ability to do something great. ”

But while a Democratic senator described Manchin’s request as a “way to open up,” West Virginian is not giving a signal that he wants to change course. During a press conference with China, he said that if Democrats want to pass a law exceeding $ 1.5 trillion, they should elect a free majority.

The Progressives, however, see the social capital system as their greatest opportunity to establish what they value in this congress, and possibly all of Biden’s work. But even as they swear to the rescue, despite the internal obstacles and resistance on the surface, no one is looking for a gide method of success.

“It’s difficult,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). “There are a lot of pieces to this. Much is at stake. It’s a hard part. ”

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