Del Rio congressman accuses Mayorkas of trying to ‘bull —-‘ him at the border status

A Texas Republican – whose territory includes Del Rio – accused Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of trying to ‘stab’ him during a press conference this week over the border situation, according to him.

“No, don’t tell me, ‘It’s all under control.’ It’s not under control. Because, like, I know it’s not under control. . “It was like, a little drive, and that’s a problem, especially when it comes to national security. Like, there’s no second chance. You have to get it every time, when the game is over.” “

Biden’s leaders have been under pressure from Republicans and Democrats over a border dispute.

Mayorkas was interviewed on MSNBC China and reported the findings in Del Rio. He noted that there were about 15,000 Haitians leaving, but that number had been reduced to just over 3,300. These people have been excluded under health care guidelines – not immigration – due to the coronavirus infection. He said some have been relocated to buildings where they will meet their needs before being evicted. Chapter 42 is the Trump administration law that was added by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in August which allows government officials to expel unlicensed officials quickly.

Daniel Foote, a representative of the Biden administration in Haiti, has resigned in protest of the “unethical” expulsion of Haitian rebels as they were marred by civil strife and natural disasters, US officials said in China.

Mayorkas defended Biden’s management in an MSNBC interview and said the White House had revoked so many plans for Trump’s administration that it would take a long time to register. He cited Stay in Mexico law as another example.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued China for forcing Biden management to reinstate law after Supreme Court he refused to block the lower court’s order that the law be reinstated.

The lawsuit, which is backed by Missouri, accuses Biden’s administration of violating a court order to reinstate Migrant Protection Protocols, which force migrants to live in Mexico while they wait for immigration to the United States.

“I think they’re just trying to keep ignoring state law, keep ignoring the Supreme Court ruling,” Paxton said. “The government does not care about the law of the union clearly, we have already confirmed this. Now they do not care about all the orders from the courts, including the Supreme Court.”

Mayorkas said it was important for people to understand that border control was not based on immigration law. He said it was a public health issue as the COVID-19 epidemic is still killing Americans.

Fox News’ Michael Lee and the Associated Press submitted the report

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