Dear Warren, Concerned Rochester Mayor, Self-Determined Plea Deal

Lovely Warren, the mayor of the Democratic Republic of Rochester, NY, agreed to step down Monday after receiving an agreement in several state courts over alleged money laundering, as well as putting children at risk of gun charges.

The agreement, in the court of Monroe County, marks the immediate and dramatic end of the grace of Mrs. Warren, the forty-four, first-ever city mayor who was once considered a rising party in the Democratic Party.

Ms. Warren’s resignation begins December 1, one month before she leaves office, having lost June’s third-term primary to Malik Evans, the city council.

Last October, Ms. Warren was arraigned by a high court in Monroe County at a campaign rally related to her 2017 re-election campaign, including her campaign for a company fund and a political committee.

In July, Ms. Warren was also charged with possession of a firearm as well as endangering children by her estranged husband, Timothy Granison, who had previously been charged with drug trafficking.

Calli Marianetti, a spokeswoman for Sandra Doorley, a state attorney for Monroe County, said as part of a plea to Mrs. Warren, guns and child-safe charges would not be pursued.

In a statement, Ms. Doorley said the handling of the cases against Ms. Warren – and those facing two other co-accused, her co-treasurer and Rochester’s financial manager – “was fair and consistent with the nature of their cases.”

“This is an important step in our efforts to promote responsible elections in our region,” said Doorley, a Republican.

The request came when Mrs. Warren’s trial on a fundraising campaign was due to begin. Carrie Cohen, Mrs. Warren’s lawyer, said the mayor’s request – to do wrong, not the first crimes she faced – was in line with her earlier acknowledgment that payments to her political committee “were not properly grouped.”

“There has never been a charge of theft of funds or any other money by the mayor, or anyone involved in the campaign,” said Ms Cohen, adding that the application addressed all pending government cases without admitting fraud or dishonesty. .

Ms. Warren’s resignation takes a toll on Rochester, a town of about 200,000 people on the shores of Lake Ontario, including a massive coronary outbreak and a revolt since Prude’s death, which led to the resignation of the city’s police chief.

Mr. Evans, in the Democratic election and Ms. Warren’s successor, said on Monday that he hoped to continue working with the leadership until Ms. Warren leaves office.

“We have to stay focused on making sure the city of Rochester continues to prosper,” Evans said.

Rebecca Davis O’Brien helped report.

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