DC is giving away free superhero NFTs to people who register for their FanDome event

DC is giving away free non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of its superhero comic book covers to people who register for the FanDome event on October 16. The NFT drop – the first for DC – is scheduled for October 5th, and those who register for FanDome will receive a free, randomly selected NFT and will be eligible for a second free NFT if they are over their first in the post on social media.

The NFTs will be available in three rarity levels; common, rare, and legendary, and includes Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn options.

DC is working on the NFTs with Palm NFT Studio, which the comic book maker selected for its “green and energy-efficient” technology that enables the company to coin “millions of NFTs for fans at almost no cost,” according to a press release. The companies don’t say how many comic book cover NFTs are planned. “This decline pays homage to our 87-year history while also visualizing a future where NFTs will play a fundamental role in novel ways of interacting with DC content and unlocking new experiences,” DC’s Jim Lee said in a statement.

Last year’s virtual FanDome, the very first for DC Comics and Warner Bros., delivered first-look trailers for Zack Snyders Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984, The suicide squad, and it’s Robert Pattison’s turn as The Batman. It drew an estimated 22 million views.

This year’s lineup is expected to have a new trailer for The Batman, as well as previews of upcoming films Black Adam, The Lightning, and Aquaman and the lost kingdom, new details about the next seasons for his shows Harley Quinn, Batwoman, Superman & Lois and Sweet Tooth, and the next chapter of the Fortnite – Batman Crossover.

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