Dairy Women’s Network Announces Partnership with Xero & Figured

We’re excited to announce that Xero and Figured have partnered with Dairy Women’s Network (DWN), Aotearoa’s largest advocacy group for women in the dairy industry.

From its beginnings as a small group of Waikato dairy farmers, DWN has grown into an organization with over 11,000 members across New Zealand. With the mission of empowering women to achieve great things, the network has become an integral part of the fast growing dairy industry.

“We are excited to formalize this partnership with Figured and Xero, having worked with them on many events,” said Jules Benton, DWN’s chief executive. “With the advent of on-farm technology, we know that our members will benefit greatly from their combined knowledge of intelligent financial management and data-driven decision-making.”

At Xero, we are passionate about helping New Zealand’s agricultural sector. So the opportunity to work with one of the country’s leading female dairy networks was a breeze. This joint partnership reflects our commitment to empowering members to be both agricultural business leaders and advocates for welfare.

We know that women often do a large part of accounting and financial management in agriculture. This can be a major source of stress. This is where our joint training and support come, as well as free access to psychosocial support for users through ours Xero assistance program.

Figured General Manager John Gibson says that while about 50% of New Zealand dairy farmers are now with Figured, so many more could benefit from a clearer picture of their farm’s financial health.

“With all the challenges dairy farmers face, from environmental planning to skilled labor shortages, we want to make it easy for everyone to access accurate farm data, identify their options, and plan more confidently for the future,” he says.

One of the first events members can enjoy is Xero and Figured’s two-day Tech Expo. The show will introduce attendees to the various software and technologies available and how they can improve the farming business. We hope this will enable DWN member farmers to better understand how integrated technology can simplify management and future proof their business.

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