County GOP Calls for the 2020 Election Audit in Florida, The Trump Won

  • The Lake County, Fla., GOP is forcing Republicans to scrutinize the 2020 elections.
  • Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has reaffirmed the integrity of the country’s voting booths.
  • Accordingly, Lake County Republicans, including State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, wants an election survey.

Republican Gov.Ron DeSantis of Florida and senior security officials in Tallahassee are being pushed by party members to scrutinize the results of the 2020 presidential election, even though former president Donald Trump won a landslide victory last year.

DeSantis, Trump’s running mate and potential candidate for the 2024 GOP presidency, said Florida had “done just fine” in running the 2020 presidential election, but still signed offensive measures passed by a security parliament in May.

In late September, the Lake County Republican Party, based in a fast-growing area and GOP-based near Orlando, agreed on five options to send to every Florida state legislature in calling for a full review of the election results.

Last fall, Mr. Trump won the current presidency – President Joe Biden in Florida by 51.2% to 47.9% margin – the former president won the country with 5,668,731 votes, while the current president received 5,297,045 votes, a chance of more than 330 votes.

Biden marched into densely populated areas such as Duval County, with Jacksonville, and Orange County, which was bound by Orlando, but Mr. Trump passed with Latin voters in the key constituency of Miami-Dade County, a long Democratic stronghold where the party should rule against the GOP. in Panhandle and Southwest Florida.

This push comes when GOP state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who represents part of the district in Florida House, filed a lawsuit against House Bill 99 last month, which would allow a third “independent” person to conduct a “forensic” analysis of the results.

In its current form, the Sabbath bill needs to be reviewed in courts of more than 250,000 people – meaning the request could affect many Democratic and minority states such as Orange, Broward, Palm Beach, and Hillsborough – as well as other GOP-based areas such as Lake , Brevard, Lee, and Polk states.

“It’s not free to win,” Sabatini recently told Politico. “The reality is that people want a thorough scrutiny of the election. They want an independent evaluation of the votes.”

The push comes as GOP lawmakers, encouraged by Trump, have sought out results in key circulating states including Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Last month, a statement from the Cyber ​​Ninjas group, which conducted a monthly survey of results from Arizona’s most populous Maricopa County, showed that Biden had won the country.

Former president has forced GOP judges to scrutinize similarly in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, claiming victory in 2016 but losing in 2020.

For several months, Mr. Trump claims, without corroborating evidence, that the election was rigged from him, which led to the result of a GOP-led vote-in-government election that disrupted Washington Democrats who wrote their own federal elections to amend current bills in Congress.

GOP Governor.Greg Abbott of Texas has come under fire for defending a move to be investigated in Lone Star State, the former president who won by almost 6% against Biden.

None of the studies conducted so far have revealed any instances of serious fraud.

In Florida, GOP Secretary of State Laurel Lee said the “forensic audit” was unnecessary because state election officials inspected the machines before the election and conducted informal audits after the presidential election.

“Florida’s 2020 election was clear, transparent, and conducted in accordance with Florida law,” he said in a statement on Saturday’s bill. “Florida has already conducted all pre- and post-election polls, and we are confident in the safety and credibility of the results of the 2020 elections.”

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