Cory Fleming, Attorney Pal Accused of Helping Alex Murdaugh to Rob Millions, Now Suspended From Training Law

A South Carolina lawyer described in court papers as Alex Murdaugh, a close friend of his and a college roommate, was suspended for allegedly helping scion steal millions of dollars from the wrong courts to sue a former housekeeper.

In a Friday ruling by the South Carolina Supreme Court, Cory Fleming was placed on probation, pending an investigation, under a rule that “once you have sufficient evidence that a lawyer threatens to harm the public or administer justice” the court may suspend the attorney.

The suspension is a formal legal case against Fleming, Moss’s Kuhn, & Fleming criminal defense attorney, who has been charged with two counts of felony criminal mischief in Murdaugh.

“Cory Fleming is a close friend of Alex Murdaugh, his college classmate, and close friend,” Eric Bland, a lawyer representing Murdaugh’s sons and a former housekeeper, told The Daily Beast last month. “There is a history of Murdaugh referring people to Fleming.”

Murdaugh, 59, is currently facing a number of charges after he allegedly tried to plot his murder so that his only surviving son could get a life insurance policy of $ 10 million. The clear plan came just three months after Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, and son Paul were found murdered outside their Hampton County estate. At the time, Paul was facing charges of a 2019 shipwreck accident that killed a teenage girl.

Several court records say that years before Murdaugh publicly fell out of favor, his best friend Fleming had been helping him clean up the mess. Depends on Island Packet, Fleming has been involved in Murdaugh’s legal affairs since about 2017- when he represented Paul Murdaugh after he was charged with alcoholism at the age of 18. The charges were dropped the following year.

Court records say at the same time, Fleming, representing Gloria Satterfield’s family, died in their place in 2018. Satterfield’s son insists they have never received a $ 4.3 million cash-in-transit bill, after Murdaugh was accused of embezzling money from a fake bank account. Satterfield’s sons have since filed a complaint against Murdaugh, saying he encourages them to use Fleming as their lawyer – without disclosing their relationship to them.

This week, Fleming issued a statement acknowledging “damaged items” in the wrong place at the time of the death, and exposed the money laundering scandal on Murdaugh.

“When it came time to pay for the repairs, Mr. Fleming trusted a close friend and colleague to treat him honestly and respectfully, only to be misled and deceived by one of the worst lawyers’ ways: Alex Murdaugh lied to Mr. Fleming about stealing customer money,” the statement said.

Fleming is also charged in September of helping Murdaugh attempt a “relief case” for the February 2019 boat that hit the fiasco from Paul to one of the young men at the time, Connor Cook.

Cook’s trial claims that Murdaugh “encouraged and instructed” the young man and his family to protect Fleming, claiming he was the “best” lawyer of the case. Fleming later reportedly told Cook not to speak to police, “Increasing the chances for Applicant Cook to remain under suspicion and may be charged with felony criminal mischief.”

“Fleming’s instructions turned Plaintiff Cook unknowingly into Paul Murdaugh’s defense agent, exposing Plaintiff Cook’s chances of being charged as a sailor and thus causing the accident,” the lawsuit said.

Fleming also has arrests for the 14th Heaven Court – where Murdaugh’s family had worked as a lawyer for decades. According to his company website, Fleming was an attorney for two years after graduating from law school. His tenure as chief prosecutor in the area coincided with the reign of Richard Murdaugh III as lawyer.

“The ethics of professional ethics always outweighs the role of lawyers. That’s the conclusion, “Bland told The Daily Beast on Friday when asked about the news of Fleming’s suspension.” [Murdaugh] supports that Cory was raped and did not want to be involved. ”


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