Chief Marketing Officer Uses Great Brand In Small Home Consultants

“Mix It Out” by Robert Sofia has been released with ForbesBooks.

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NEW YORK (September 14, 2021) – Mix and match: From casual to casual: How Consultants can market as the largest in the world by Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sofia is now available. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the private print publishing company of Forbes and is available on Amazon today.

With Mix, Robert Sofia offers the consulting industry a different approach. Sofia’s marketing strategies are designed to disrupt the status quo and help leaders notice. Using real -life examples from other world -renowned companies, Sofia shows how to reach a small business that can benefit from the market.

By adapting marketing models and labeling lessons, Sofia’s work has served as a guide for consulting firms looking to break into their comfort zones. Start with an investigation of how brands improve themselves and leave a lasting impression – through options as granular as water – Mix then build the foundation for the application of important issues in counseling institutions that have long been entrenched in tradition.

“This book is designed to help company consultants prioritize marketing systems that have proven their own effectiveness,” Sofia explains. “It outlines how to show up in the right way for the right people – all the while building trust. The goal is to struggle every day to be better than the day before, to grow in all the time, always progressing, always mixing it out. ”

About Robert Sofia

Robert Sofia is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Snappy Kraken, a software development company designed specifically “for consulting consultants who care about meaningful relationships.” Over the years, Snappy Kraken has collected awards from Best Overall Marketing Company from Martech Breakthrough Awards to be recognized as a five-time official of the Inc. 500/5000.

Over the past decade, Robert has supported thousands of companies in the financial services community including consultants, associations, home offices, retailers, and trustees. property, the TAMP, insurance companies and others.

Robert lives in eastern Florida with his wife and their son. She loves living on the beach and everything that goes with it. Her hobbies include boating, biking, cooking, and local bidding.

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