Chicago police protection program: FOP President John Catanzara promises legal action to ban COVID shooting demand

CHICAGO (WLS) – The Fraternal Order of the Police has pledged to do so on Wednesday to block Mayor Lori Lightfoot from protecting COVID, even though the organization mourns the loss of the former president to the virus.

Chicago’s crackdown on city workers is set to begin Friday.

“It really was like everything else with this mayor two and a half years ago,” said FOP President John Catanzara. “Do it or else because I said so.”

In a social media post on Tuesday, Catanzara urged its members not to exercise the protection order. The message was delivered on the same day as former FOP President, Dean Angelo died from COVID-19.

Angelo served as FOP president from 2014 to 2017, and until his death he was in the intensive care unit in critical condition.

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All city workers, including police, are required by Friday to submit proof of infection or to be placed in a “no paid” position. Their other option is to take two COVID exams each week with their own money.
Catanzara is promising law enforcement.

“We are alerting the city to the need for speeding up as well as illegally establishing a workforce,” he said Tuesday. “Tomorrow we will be filling out court papers for a protection order.”

But later Wednesday, Catanzara said the coalition could delay their request for temporary protection until China to see how the city responds to its call for speeding. But he made it clear again: They will not move out of their position.

“This is clearly not a work incident, not a request for a strike, none of the illegal activities that I am sure the city will try to do,” he said. “I have made my status clear to the defense, but I do not think the city has the right to disclose that information to anyone, let alone information on medical history, and to change service practices.” , Flies, and you should follow. “

The FOP maintains that the city must provide a share of the pardon of conscience, in addition to the religious and medical pardon that is now permitted. Catanzara also warned of what could happen soon if the mayor did not speak to the coalition.

“It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have 50% or less of the police this coming week. That’s not because of FOP. That’s 100% because of the mayor’s reluctance to leave his tough line,” he said.

A member meeting is being convened on Wednesday evening at 6 pm The FOP leader said they would have to take it to Plumbers Hall to receive the large number of police officers they hope to exit.

Earlier this month, Mayor Lightfoot said, “There will be an outcome if people do not comply legally on October 15.”

The mayor said the city’s entire responsibility is to keep workers healthy.

The controversy comes as a new report from the National Law Enforcing Museum shows that 62% of total law enforcement personnel across the country last year were from COVID-19.

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