Canceled flights as a result of a “coordinated protest” against the vaccination mandate – PJ Media

After massive cancellations and disruptions by Southwest Airlines, a whistleblower within the company reached out to PJ Media to confirm that employees including pilots, gate agents, flight attendants and others are resisting the mandatory vaccines ordered by the federal government. “It’s a coordinated protest,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

The employees have coordinated themselves on social media platforms and are standing at what they believe to be a decisive moment in America, which will decide whether the country will remain free or become arbitrary. “We know we can stop this,” said the whistleblower. “And if we don’t do it now, it will be too late. Everyone is very excited! “

Southwest Airlines has denied there was a “sick-out” and the mainstream media covered it all week. USA today published a strange multi-part tweet listing all the reasons why the sudden suspension of thousands of flights is far from a protest. I don’t know when Columbus Day became a Peak Holiday travel day, but I think it’s the new excuse. (At least they didn’t quote the perfectly clear weather again.)

“They’ll all look like fools soon,” said the insider. That would be nothing new to the fake news media. But it’s not just Southwest Airlines employees who have conscientious objections to mandates. According to the source, 22 airlines as well as truckers and other transport workers are represented in their ranks and further disruptions are to follow. Staff are all joining, a website set up a few weeks ago to connect like-minded people and raise funds for the fight against mandatory vaccines. They posted a video that keeps getting removed from social media but can be seen on their website. organizers were interviewed by Tucker Carlson and Newsmax. The organizers say they don’t encourage “sick leave” but they can’t control individuals. “If any part of the system goes down, it will have catastrophic effects on the rest of the system, affecting trade, commerce, and ultimately the economy,” said pilot Joshua Yoder, said Tucker Carlson. “We have all the control and the control comes from one simple word and that is ‘no’. We just don’t have to stick to it. “

Yoder said the loss of 30% of the pilots who oppose the mandates would cripple the country, and they are ready to do so to ensure Americans retain their medical freedoms.

One of the videos from went viral on TikTok and Twitter. It explains why these transportation workers don’t want to be forced into a medical procedure they believe isn’t needed. The video got widespread.

“It’s growing tens of thousands … every day. We can’t even keep track, ”an organizer named Shawn said on Newsmax. “I had to speak for everyone. We’re all a bit scared … I published the video and the response and love we got from all industries has been phenomenal. “


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