California oil spill rates increase as adults look at the cause of a pipeline explosion

Investigators are looking into the incidence of shipping back a year to help determine the cause of the South California oil spill, officials said Friday.

Oil pipelines from platforms from Huntington Beach to Long Beach Port show signs of wild anchor stitch and damage has been around for a long time, with sea level in place, said Capt Jason Neubauer, chairman of the Sea Guard Marine Board of Inquiry.

Part of the concrete concrete concrete was removed, exposing the metal pipe, he said at a news conference. Growing up in the area shows they are not against the new stakes, he said.

“This incident could be a series of incidents with the pump going off” following “the first incident we are confident took place several months ago,” Neubauer said.

The operator of the pump, Beta Offshore, which is part of Amplify Energy Corp., said production began on Saturday, and a survey conducted in October 2020 showed that the pump was in good condition.

Neubauer said investigators would watch the storm at the end of January, when the ship would have pulled the anchor unknowingly. They will re-examine “geological events” as objects, he said.

Breakage in the pipe does not appear to be the result of direct anchor strikes, said Neubauer, adding that anchor or anchor pull pumps may have caused the breach.

The pump went 150 feet, and the crack is 16 inches, Neubauer said.

“Obviously the anchor could crack solid concrete, and the pump itself was bent,” he said.

Expectations remained to transport direct traffic to Long Beach and Los Angeles stations, he said.

“I’m sure … the first incident that diverted the pump itself was a collision,” Neubuaer said.

The pipeline produced an estimated 140 gallons of heavy water into the Pacific Ocean, triggering coastal fishing and fishing from Huntington Beach in the south to the San Diego County line.

Shoreline clearing teams set up the Orange County coastline on Friday, and workers inspected the south coast as the sea level flowed along that route, according to a response to the compliance law order.

Thirty-five animals that have been fattened, including 10 dead, have been found so far, according to wildlife fat loss reports compiled by researchers at the University of California, Davis.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the state of emergency in Orange County.

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