California Mandates Promote Protections Among Health Workers

“It has become increasingly difficult for some hospitals to find adequate staff,” said Ms Emerson-Shea, adding that her organization had asked the California attorney general to review reports of low rates and organizations charging hospitals hundreds of dollars an hour for traveling nurses. .

This week, state health authorities provided hospitals with a 55-day compliance hearing to fill staff shortages caused by the permit.

But California has always taken a tough step at the health level. At the beginning of the crisis, the country was among the first to issue home-based orders, and was among the most aggressive in promoting masks and injections.

Newsom – who earlier this month overcame the strike caused by the strike – said this week that the country was “in talks” with school districts about permits for eligible students to receive treatment. Public health workers this week also increased the workload of health workers to accommodate thousands of home-based health workers and health workers in nursing homes, disability centers and hospitals, giving them a deadline of November 30.

“This is a vital service that helps to ensure the safety of all in our health system, and it is especially important for those who are seriously ill who rely on hospitals and other facilities to maintain their health,” said Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, state health chief, said in a statement, adding that health officials are looking at deadlines and “expect to comply fully.”

Obedience seems to be the goal of the largest public health workers. At the Kaiser Permanente General Assembly, for example, more than nine out of 10 of the 266 employees and 23,000 physicians in California were fully vaccinated, a system spokesman said. Two weeks ago, the employee protection system was about 87 percent.

At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, about 97 percent of the 17,000 or so employees have been vaccinated. Dr. Jeffrey A. Smith, chief operating officer, said that although most of the hospital staff and doctors were the first to recruit, as many as 800 workers were shot dead after government clearance limits their choice to work in other California hospitals.

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