Cali Teen Mona Rodriguez Life Support After Being Shot By School Safety Officer While Driving Away

A young California man has died of brain damage and life support after being shot by a school security guard, his family says – and they want the police to do the job.

“I want to justify my girlfriend, my baby momma, the love of my life,” Rodriguez’s boyfriend, Rafeul Chowdhury, said at a news conference Wednesday.

Eighteen-year-old Mona Rodriguez was shot Monday afternoon in a car near Milikan High School in Long Beach. Police say they were shot in the upper body. His family insists he was shot in the head.

Shortly after 3 pm that day, an unnamed principal from Long Beach Unified School District was driving in the area when he came across an argument between Rodriguez and a 15-year-old girl walking home from school. Rodriguez is not a student at Milikan, authorities said.

It is said to have started when Rodriguez exited a gray sedan with a nearby shopping mall and met a young girl, according to a student who witnessed the incident. That’s when the principal, who said Long Beach school officials said in a statement “conducting a safe route for students” from the Milikan campus, happened at the site. The officer allegedly threatened to spray the two peppers, who then stopped fighting and left, according to Chowdhury. But when Rodriguez got back in the car, things suddenly changed.

A video posted of the incident shows a police officer approaching the passenger door in a gray sedan when the fight is over. As the car sped away, a police officer appeared to have fired two shots at the fleeing vehicle. Rodriguez was sitting in front of the carriers, the police said.

“Holy!” the man standing and shouting.

“While the motive for the attack is still being investigated, detectives believe the victim and acquaintances are the culprits, and the 18-year-old woman was the perpetrator,” the Long Beach Police Department said in a statement issued by The Daily Beast.

Luis Carrillo, a lawyer representing Rodriguez’s family, said the expectation should be with the police who shot the 18-year-old as he moved away.

“The first thing to do is get the boy arrested and get off the road,” Carrillo told The Daily Beast. “He has no business carrying a badge or wearing a gun.”

Carrillo said he had sent a letter to the California attorney general investigating the shooting “because we think he should be arrested for murder or manslaughter.”

“The officer had no reason to use deadly force on Ms Rodriguez because Ms Rodriguez did not intimidate the police when she was shot by a police officer,” the letter said, a copy of which Carrillo gave to The Daily Beast. “The actions of this official show a serious violation of the rights of the State and the Constitution.”

The hospital plans to remove Rodriguez from life support Thursday afternoon, Carrillo said. But even though doctors say that Rodriguez does not show any signs of brain damage, his family does not want the hospital to produce equipment that will keep him alive. One sister told the Long Beach Post that Rodriguez, her boyfriend, and their five-month-old baby were on their way to Kansas for the baby to grow up in a better environment. “She was smart, beautiful, loving and anyone who knew her knew her heart, her life and the love of her family but especially her son who was her whole life, pride and happiness,” one of Rodriguez’s relatives wrote on a GoFundMe fundraising page. for treatment.

In an open letter to parents, Long Beach Unified School District Superintendent Jill Baker on Tuesday said, “The opening of this school year, after a year and a half of many LBUSD students at home at school, has been filled with many ups and downs. school unloaded his work uniform while responding to a dispute on the corner of Street Street and Palo Verde Avenue. The incident affected our school community, and together we arrested the man who was shot in the head. ”

Long Beach is a school for armed officers, but they are not allowed in peace offices like regular police. Their definition of legal duty includes roaming the school grounds “and the surrounding areas to provide security and protection to students, staff, equipment and resources; ensuring compliance with applicable laws, codes, regulations and regulations. ”

Carrillo, a Rodriguez family lawyer, wants the police officer who allegedly shot Rodriguez to be tried. The family is also planning to sue the school district. The elder is also present on vacation.


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